Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zelda's Place

i want to invite all of my followers to come to zelda's place for a shabbaton of their choice. i only need a head's up the night before or at least, the morning of , so i can check for rats, make the beds and clean the toilets and buy more challah. only kidding about the rats. haven't seen a trace of them in weeks. and the pigeons are keeping their distance, too. we have our guest apartment downstairs, that leads outside to the fabulous garden and spectacular view of lake kinneret and the entire city of tiberias. if you come early enough, you can actually pick fresh lemons and oranges off our trees and hand squeeze them to make lemonade or orange juice. if you come dirty enough, you can probably throw in a load of laundry in our american maytag top loader, washing machine and even dry them in our general electric dryer. if you come the night before, you can hang them outside on our outdoor clothes lines unless, of course, it is raining. and if you are hungry enough, you can make some toast and drink some coffee. if you are lucky enough, you can have some peanut butter with your toast and fresh milk with your coffee. or if you are tired enough, you can rest on our very comfortable pull out couches. in another scenario, i could invite you to Zelda's Place, a sensational B&B that is located in the neighborhood of the villas in ramat rezim, zefat. upon your arrival, you will be greeted by zelda, the proprietress and her two little doggie companions, cloey and cookie. Zelda and dogs wear matching green teeshirts with the Zelda's Place logo. you are shown the garden and exquisite view of tiberias and then directed to the patio, where you are served glasses of hand squeezed orange juice and hand made lemonade and served a plate of home made blueberry muffins. you will also be offered a cup of filtered coffee or herbal tea. you will be seated by a round bistro table under a giant green umbrella with the Zelda's Place logo. after a while, zelda will show you the lay out of the B&B and provide you with a tour book of zefat. complementary chocolates wrapped in green foil with the Zelda's Place logo, will be left on the beds. in yet, another scenario, you are on a pilot trip to israel and you need a four bedroom rental or a three bedroom rental with a salon, for a short term in zefat. as your taxi pulls up to zelda's place, you are immediately greeted by cloey and cooky, zelda's dogs. and then zelda, your new landlord appears in her jeans jumper with the key. if you are lucky she may offer you some bottled water. she probably will leave a small, sample jar of instant coffee for you and some assorted teabags . and if you are really lucky, she'll bring down some fresh milk for your coffee and find some packaged cookies to boot. so one way or another i wish to invite my follower's to zelda's place.


  1. Okay, I'm ready. Let's see those matching green T-shirts! So you lemons on your tree now? Yalla, I did miss that lemonade my last visit. And don't forget, I had to get the clean sheets for the bed - some hostess you are!

    Even though you are abandoning me, have a good Shabbat...

  2. i am willling to share my lemons, my space and my recipes with all of my followers all of the time.

  3. blueberry muffins-when can i come?
    do you also make sushi(with brown rice-please)?
    i am so enjoying reading your posts!

  4. I'm ready for my vacation. Where do I sign up???
    Your place sounds heavenly, and I like the possible variations, too! What's the weather like this time of year? :-)