Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blogger Or Balabusta

we had a few drops of rain this morning so i quickly ran outside and frantically started to undo my succah. i had to take down the shower curtain which constitutes our entrance way and pull down the yards of materials which cover the iron bars that constitute our walls. i then yanked down the bamboo mats that are the ceiling covering for our pre-fab succah. i managed to knock down the supporting boards that hold up the bamboo mats after i ripped off all the adhesive tape. i left the iron frame in tact because i got a sudden urge to touch up the rusted bars. perhaps, i will carry through and buy some white ceramic paint tomorrow. in the meantime, i threw in two large batches of wash and hung them outside to dry. it looks like rain again so i may have to cut this blog short and take down the wash. i managed to finally, reach the anglo repairman who specializes in american appliances. my general electric dryer from the states, started to make a really funky noise last year. i called the local yocal to repair it. he didn't seem to have a clue as to how to open it from the rear and told me to use it anyway. since i was totally alone last winter, i managed quite well without a dryer. but now that zvi and gal and baby sahar are living with me i want to get the dryer in working order before the winter. i am also going to get the heating unit in the salon repaired . it also made a really scarry noise on a shabbat morning, a few years ago. it sounded like it might explode so we simply stopped using it. i plan to leave a crib in the living room for sahar and block off the entrance with a baby gate (or in this instance, a dogie gate). i am just, now, hearing from my neighbors about the awful racket that cloey made last shabbat when she was left out on the porch for a few hours. since i didn't do a morning blog i was able to; bake a dozen banana muffins, finish off a sink of dishes, sponger all the floors , polish all the furniture, shine the silver, clean out the refrigerater and take out the trash. i trimmed the rosebush, watered the garden, organized my utility bills, plucked my eyebrows and chin hairs, drank a cup of coffee and prepared a warm and nutritional breakfast. i started to wonder if one can be a true blogger and also be a balabusta. i don't know if it's possible to do both. in all honesty, i can't blame my recent blogging hobby for my lack of interest in household maintenance. i happen to be a television junkie. i am addicted to reality shows, soaps, sit-coms, and talk shows . i watch : Dr.phil, martha stewart, oprah and the "days of our lives" religiously. i once, found myself looking up their website to find out who the " salem strangler"was because it was just dragging on for way too long. *the soaps here are three years behind the states. i am fascinated by "the real housewives of n.y.", "the great race", and "top chef". i am totally an "american Idol" fanatic. i will never miss a show. i love the home makeover shows on the BBC. and those two english girls who tell you how frumpy your clothes make you look. i am also, a big fan of the actor's studio. i sometimes catch myself watching "america's top model" although i am totally grossed out by it. i try to keep up with "dancing with the stars" and "britain's got talent"on you-tube. i used to love "the apprentice" but it hasn't been on t.v. lately. i am certain that i could do better than those corporate boobs they had on the show. i was hooked on "the sopranos" until the local cable company yanked it off. my very long history with soap operas started in the 60's. i used to watch them with my grandmother who lived with us. when she was in the hospital, i would visit her after school and we would watch "as the world turns", and " the doctors". she would often comment that the doctors in the hospital didn't look at all like the doctors on the soaps. what could you expect from someone who refused to believe that wrestling on televison was all fake. my mother became totally fed up with the stupidity of the "the days of our lives" but neverless, kept on watching until she died. so when i am not blogging, or watching television, i am taking care of the house. so am i blogger or balabusta?

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  1. you are both-you at least do more in the home than I!