Friday, October 23, 2009

Questions And Answers

i am genuinely, overwhelmed by all of the response to my recent blog. first, i want to clear up any misgivings about the lemon trees. the situation here is that the trees are full with green, medium-sized lemons that need a little more time to ripen. i give it another couple of weeks. certainly, michal, by the time you return from california, there will be enough lemons for one of your scrumptious lemon meringue pies. hint! hint! and please don't think that i am abandoning you for shabbat just because i won't be home to host you this week. i need to let mikimi know that i do not make sushi. simcha laya hoffman makes the best sushi, ever! i happen to love sushi with brown rice, which is really odd because i loathe sea weed. my son wolfs it down like potato chips. he must be lacking some kind of mineral!. sea weed reminds me of my childhood years when we spent the long, hot, summer, days on bay #7 at brighton beach. we would go late in the afternoon and arrive to an almost empty beach and stay until night fall. on tuesday nites we would watch the wonderous fireworks show. my mother would pack up a chicken dinner, and we would sit on a huge blanket and feast. sometimes, we would have delicatessen from the nearby deli. for an added treat , we would walk down to mrs. shtall's house of knishes. as we couldn't all fit in one taxi, my dad and brother would travel home on the bus. we would put on our shoes and socks under the boardwalk and mom would always bring the amens powder to aid in getting off the wet sand stuck between our toes. it didn't do a thing for the long strand of wet sea weed that was always wrapped around our ankles; hence my strong dislike of sea weed. and for wendy, who wants to know if the muffins are fat free, a simple yes, will suffice. i only use canola oil for baking. i haven't allowed margarine into the house in years. a good rule of thumb is: if something doesn't melt at room temperature, do not eat it.! recipe: i simply mash up a few ripe bananas , about a cupful, and add half a cup of honey or brown sugar. i throw in a couple of eggs, add a half cup of oil, 2 cups of wholewheat or rye flour, and 1 tsp. of baking powder. sometimes, i add a tsp of real vanilla essence and i mix til smooth. then i throw in a cup of chopped nuts, or raisins and a bunch of chocolate chips and stir. this is more of a loaf cake than a real muffin. but because i bake them in muffin tins, i call them muffins. americans are mad for muffins! but in england at high tea, they are called tea cakes!. it takes about 30- 40 minutes in a moderate oven. (350 F or 150C). my rule of thumb is that when it smells like banana cake it's done!. my trick is to drizzle a little honey over the tops while they are still warm. and then i shake powdered sugar on them for effect. i use paper muffin liners which makes cleanup easier and saves a few calories by not greasing the tin. it was so good to hear from soncie again!. let me know which scenario you wish to sign up for. hopefully, in the near future, i will be able to offer the following: (a) a rooftop holiday and weekend zimmer with panoramic view of tiberius, meron and the golan, (b) an israeli time shares retirement penthouse or, (c) a studio apartment on the third floor of the house. all three scenarios are centrally heated and have air conditioning. there is one last scenario, that michal alluded to. yes, a sleepover in my apartment on the main floor. as michal commented, she did, have to make her own bed. in this scenario you have to fend for yourself! that just gave me an idea for another scenario. what about a rehab? anyway, as martha stewart says, thank you for all your questions, they were really good. and please note that i am always up for questions and answers.


  1. Chocolate banana nut muffins? YUM! I printed the recipe...will try this as soon as I can. Sounds wonderful! (I wish your lemons were ready. My tree has stopped producing.)

    You and Ann both seem to have gotten a good cooking gene...enjoy it!

  2. dear soncie. you got it all wrong. these are not chocolate-banana muffins. they are banana muffins with a hand full of chocolate chips thrown in for fun.anyway, enjoy the recipe!

  3. how about some fat-free muffins? they use buttermilk and have ground flax seed in them.

  4. I have a wonderful recipe for peanut butter seaweed rolls.
    You take seaweed (from Brighton Beach) shmear peanut butter in it, and voilla.
    You could eat it as is.
    How's that?
    Good as a source of protein,and ideal for people with thyroid problems.