Friday, October 23, 2009

Recap Of Zelda's Schemes

in the past 12 days of blogging i have offered up several of my money making schemes for my followers' attention. to recap just a few: (1) i invited you to send in money to plant commemorative trees in my backyard for you, (2) i have offered you the chance to rent my guest apartment situated in the neighborhood of the villas, here in zefat, (3) i offered you to participate in our time shares retirement penthouse and, (4) i have invited you for a fabulous stay at my B&B. i am now offering you a 2 for 1 special package deal in my new diet rehab program in my home. each person can have their own bed. i will cook nutritional, low carb, low calorie, inexpensive, tasty diet meals for you. we can sit together in the television nook and watch survivor and top chef together. you will be on the buddy system. when one of us regresses, the other one will say, "just say no!" to those dreaded, jelly filled, fried chanuka donuts that are already out in the supermarkets now. for exercise, each person will be given one of my dog's to walk. as this is a rehab, each participant will make their own bed, do their own laundry, and wash my dishes. i will take everyone out for a long walk around the neighborhood each day. i am also open to selling my baked goods to the public. so for now, this is the recap of zelda's schemes.

1 comment:

  1. I would very much like to join your diet opportunity spa.
    I see it as a new lease on life so to speak. The nutrition part sounds horrible but the dog walking sounds wonderful.
    I have ten rotweillers and I would be arriving at 2:00 today from America.
    I would appreciate any consideration you would give me.