Friday, October 5, 2012

End Of A Chag

it is 10:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat. a friend came over to help sort out my computer technical difficulties yesterday. i am trying to blog with a new set up. it isn't easy for someone who hates changes. we had a barbecue yesterday. nothing fancy, just chicken wings, spicy franks, hamburgers and chicken steaks. my friend did all of the work. my other friend's husband, who was supposed to be 'manning' the grill, got sick and couldn't come. her son wasn't familiar with a non gas grill, so my friend went into grilling mode. she did a great job. everything was succulent and nothing was dry. those californians really know their barbecue. being form the east coast, we didn't have much experience with cookouts. we had an hibatchi once, but it didn't get used too often. my mom did the grilling. i can only remember an occassional barbecue or two. dad was clueless when it came to grilling. he only learned how to boil water for his instant coffee, after he retired from the post office. i went in each day this week to cook for the yeshiva. i had been given a two week vacation. as too why i volunteered to come in, is still a mystery to me. i am not normal. i have been incredibly tired this week. we have had an insane heat wave for the entire chag. it has been most debilitating. i finished putting up all of my sukkah decorations the morning of the holiday. i was in the sukkah for 7 hours. i strung up dozens of fake plastic fruit. i did not have a good time. it was more like an obsession that went really wrong. i am getting to old for this. my body does not spring back any more. i have to cook shabbat meals for the kids today, and i'm procrastinating going to the supermarket. i need more veggies, water, drinks and grape juice. i really don't want to cook. the kids are coming for the holiday on sunday. why i got this double header, i don't know. last shabbat, the kids decided that i needed some 'alone' time with my grandson. they agreed to his sleeping over. i think my daughter-in-law said that she didn't care where he slept. i believe that she actually said that she didn't care if he slept in a refrigerater. what a vote of confidence! i have to make a cholent now because i accidently took out a package of kishka yesterday and put it on the grill. i thought it was a package of franks. i guess i got to get cracking. it looks like rain. last shabbat, the kids, primarily my son, decided i needed some 'alone' time with my grandson. he got to sleep over. my daughter-in-law agreed. i believe she said that she didn't care where he slept. in fact, she said that she didn't care if he slept in a refrigerater. what a vote of confidence in me! my grandson wet our bed and i woke him up at 2:30 a.m. to pull off his wet clothes. i hadn't been given a change of clothes. i changed the sheets. he got up and wasn't going back to sleep. he was super hyper and i was super irritable and tired. he finally passed out around 4:30 a.m. i don't think that i recovered from that even though it was a week ago. i hope i dond't get another chance tonight. does that sound unloving and ungrandmotherish?