Thursday, January 25, 2018

It's raining, It's Pouring

it is 1:00 p.m. in the holy city of safed.  I am just waiting for the rain to let down for a moment so I can run down to the supermarket.  I promised the kids kinder chocolates.  you know, the chocolate covered eggs with a prize inside?.  the kids don't eat the chocolate but they cherish these mini toys.  I have been with the kids since last Saturday night.  the parents went away for 5 days on vacation.  the Sephardi grandma has been chauffeuring them to and from school so I've had it easy.  I haven't had to go out in this miserable weather to pick them up.

they have demanded that I sleep with them so I have been catching up on some most needed sleep.  I feel better but I still cough. my grandson is sick again after having a throat infection.  he also coughs all night.  I haven't really walked or had any physical exertion in weeks.  I am badly out of shape.  I was supposed to sit in a rehearsal of a friend's play this morning but I cancelled.  my throat was killing me and even though it was on the next block, I couldn't get myself together to go out.  I have to get the kinder and probably some veggies for Shabbat.  the kids are returning to safed on Friday morning.

I will cook Shabbat food and they can have the option of staying here or taking the food home.  it is supposed to snow on Friday.  my home is freezing even though I have electric heaters going on in each room.  I washed all of the kids' clothes but it's all still wet in the bedroom. I left a heater on and I hope that it will dry by tomorrow.  I kind of disassembled the drier downstairs.  I need to buy a new hose.  I hardly need it.  I have a drier upstairs that I bought for the kids when they married. I'm afraid to use it and possibly burn the kids' clothing.

it has been a bit hard getting the kids up in the morning and ready for school. I forgot to help the granddaughter with her Hebrew homework last night. I couldn't really understand the instructions. I've been here for over 30 years and still can't read simple Hebrew.  shame on me!  I ran to the supermarket yesterday to buy Colgate toothpaste.  we were trying to make homemade slime.  none of the recipes that we saw online worked.  I simply couldn't get to town to buy the more serious of materials, like borax.  I doubt that they even have it here.

we tried shampoo, dish soap and salt and then we tried it with sugar. we also tried toothpaste, dish soap and salt.  and we tried four and dish soap. we froze it. I don't have a micro grill.  I didn't have any face mask, lens solution or mucilage glue or Elmer's in the house. I can't really say it was fun. my grandson is very sweet in bed.  he covers me and hugs me until he falls asleep.  my granddaughter is the opposite.  she grabs me in inappropriate places, calls me names and rips off my head covering.  if I pass gas, the two of them howl with laughter.  I know that I snore but it didn't keep the kids from sleeping.

it will be strange when they go home.  it will be so quiet without them.  the kids, mostly play by themselves when they aren't online or watching movies.  it's not like i'm needed all that much.  yes, I had to wake them up and help dress them and bathe them at night but they kept themselves busy. I may be getting a new handbag as a gift.  I'm sure there is no shortage of leather goods in Italy.  my daughter-in-law is sick.  poor thing has a throat infection. what a drag to be on vacation when you are sick.

the weather hasn't really let up.  I may just shower and hit the road.  who knows what will be tomorrow.  I will need to cook and to clean the house.  it is truly trashed.

Monday, January 15, 2018

The End Of An Era

it is 3:00 p.m. in the holy city of safed.  I just got back from quitting my cooking job at the yeshiva.  I wasn't planning on quitting today, although I wanted too, very badly.  I am recovering from the flu, once again. I spent the entire Chanukah sick and in bed.  I went back to work a week later and covered for the other cook. too, who was recovering from kidney stones.  I worked 7 hours a day and helped pick up the grandkids.  I would come home and fall asleep in the early evening.  I fell apart once again.  my grandson had a throat infection and bronchitis.  I thought I caught the bug from him.

this time around, I couldn't eat and felt like I was surely, dying.  the weather turned stormy and I stayed inside.  I started coughing, more kike hacking and bending over.  my neighbor heard me.  I finally went to the doctor because I thought I had pneumonia.  my neighbor is a doctor and he came over to say that I should do an x-ray.  I waited for the rain to stop and went to the clinic.  the doctor there just looked at me and said I had the flu.  she did listen to my breathing but said that my lungs were clear. 

 she also said that I was low in vitamin d.  this was based on my last blood test from nearly 2 years ago.  I underwent another set of blood tests.  the doctor didn't bother to have my vitamin d level tested.  there were several other important things that were not tested, also.  I wanted to see a complete overview of everything because I had issues with my kidney function.  so now I need to make another appointment to go back to the doctor to get the paperwork to do the additional tests. and then of course, I need to do another 12 hour fast and do the blood tests.  I have very depleted veins so I have to suffer, once again, while the nurse struggles to find a vein.  I am still black and blue from the last test.

I am also still hacking away.  I can't seem to stop coughing.  my throat doesn't actually hurt.  I am so tired.  I went to work yesterday to make supper for the yeshiva.  even though I know that they had hired someone to cover for me, I felt obligated to go. I took a taxi to work.  the weather was very nasty. I spent about 3 hours making dinner.  I put up rice and mashed potatoes and made two medium sized meatloaves.  I threw in some frozen veggies and added some tomato puree.  I found some leftover cooked beets and made a salad with onions and made a corn salad.  I had to sit down while I peeled and cut the potatoes.  right there, it's defeat for me.  I always stand.  anyway, I felt validated.  I walked to the bus stop because I didn't want to spring for another cab.  I waited outside in the cold for a bus and had to stand while dozens of school kids boarded.  the entire ride home I felt satisfied that I was back on my feet again.

I could hardly move today.  I forced myself to go to work.  I took two busses.  I got there to the smell of yummy food.  I was excited to meet my replacement.  I wanted to share my knowledge with him and coordinate a meal plan.  it turns out that it was someone I knew from the old yeshiva.  he is a lovely young man.  he used to be my assistant at the yeshiva.  I went to his wedding just before I quit the yeshiva to go to cancer care.  he thought that he had a full time job.  he had already made dinner.  the manager said that we should figure it out ourselves. I decided to quit right there and then.  he is a married man with a few kids and a wife to support.  I felt free.  I got my wages and went to town to buy some food.  next week the grandkids are staying with me while their parents go on a vacation.  I will miss the extra money that I have been earning but I will survive somehow. 

the age of the yiddisha mama cooks is over.  I am slightly saddened.  I need this time to regroup.  my health comes first.  I need to rest.  I hope I didn't make the strong decision.  I feel less pressured right now.  we shall see how I feel later on down the road.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Just Another Rainy Sunday

it is 9:30 a.m. in the holy city of safed.   it is indeed a stormy sunday.  we have been enduring unseasonably warm weather as of late.  everyone us sick.  I got hit with the flu last week.  I was able to prepare three Chanukah meals for the yeshiva and then I broke down.  it was awful.  I was feverish, nauseous, in pain and ravenous at the same time.  I lost my voice.  I babysat for the kids, who were on vacation, while I lay in bed waiting to die.  I thought that perhaps flu shots wasn't such a bad idea after all.  last year I got the flu and stayed ill for nearly three months.

I didn't go to work all last week.  I only went outside to walk the dog.  a couple of times I thought that I might be having a heart attack.  I went down to the supermarket one morning to buy treats for Chanukah and had to cab it home.  I felt like I might collapse outside.  the supermarket is a whole five minutes from here.  I am still coughing and straining to spit up a bit of phlegm.  I wasn't dressed the entire week.

I thought about staying in today.  the yeshiva called to ask me to come in.  the other cook is at the hospital today dealing with the removal of a stent in her urethra.  that means I need to cook both meals today.  I pray that I won't collapse.  I just threw in a small load of laundry.  it is really miserable outside.  I will cab it to and back from work today.  I didn't really sleep last night.  I passed out during the day.  I watched friends' reruns to about 6:00 a.m.

I took the dog to the corner at 7:00 a.m.  it was miserable outside so I came right home.  I left the porch door open if he needs to relieve himself.  I don't really care if he pishes in the house.  I called my son to get a lift to work.  today is his birthday.  he turns 31.  I bought him a small Nivea shaving kit for men and a blueberry cheesecake.  my grandson didn't much care for the cake.  they invited me to come for Shabbat.  I absolutely couldn't make it out.  I had food in the freezer so I had plenty to eat.

I took a headache pill which made it easier to relax.  I read a lot of the saul bellow novel, 'humboldts' gift'.  it is an amazing book but very deep.  I ate too much as I have been doing lately.  usually, one loses weight after the flu.  not me.  I am so nervous about going to work today.  I hope I don't relapse.

it is 5:00 p.m. and I just got back from work.  I only did 5 1/2 hours today on my feet.  I didn't cough much and I had the stamina to make two meals.  the kitchen was trashed from Shabbat.  I had tons of pots to scrub and huge plastic tubs to wash out , too.  I made a big pot of buckwheat groats, sweet potato and carrot soup, a squash soufflĂ©, a sweet noodle kugel  and an Israeli salad for lunch.  I did the rest of the pots and plastic bins and then made dinner.

I made 2 trays of shephard's pie.  I just used chopped meat and corn for the filling.  I made a huge pot of rice but I was too tired to stay longer to make another salad.  there was some leftover for lunch.  I left out the leftover kugel and soup for them to nash.  I cleaned the stovetop and the floor and I fled.  it was warmer than this morning and I only got a bit wet while I waited for the bus.  I think there was enough food made for them.

it's 9:00 p.m. now in the holy city of safed.  just got back from the pub steak house.  these guys really know how to live.  the kids devoured skewers of steak like little carnivores. I demanded a bowl of soup.  I got an enormous serving of lentil soup.  it was wonderful.  I also tasted Carpaccio for the first time served on garlic toasts.  I've seen it on the cooking shows.  I didn't really want meat.  I truly enjoyed the wild rice dish, the string beans in teriyaki sauce, the home fries and fresh salad.  I was really stuffed.  I hadn't been to this pub in years.  it was quite a treat.

I don't know if I am needed for a double shift tomorrow.  I will play it by ear.  my son wants to go out to a fancy meat restaurant in an hour.  it is across the street form the yeshiva.  oh well.....  I could really go for a good bowl of hot soup.  we'll see.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Happy Chanukah

it is 7:30 in the holy city of safed.  tonight is the first night of Chanukah.  I invited the kids to come for a party.  I do this every year and I am disappointed every time.  I rushed home from work about an hour ago.  I finished frying up about 74 3 inch latkes for the guys and left.  I called my son to say I would like to start around 6:00 p.m.  I got up at 7:00 a.m. and started cooking. I made sweet potato latkes, beet latkes, and cottage cheese latkes.  I also made a chestnut soup.  the daughter-in-law likes chestnuts.  I made greek donuts with yogurt.  I cut up veggies and feta cheese to make a greek salad.  I also bought sweet potato mini raviolis.  I am sick.  I have lost my voice and feel horrible.  I am no longer in the mood for a party.

I ran around town buying little surprise gifts for everyone and went food shopping twice.  I'm sure at this point that the latkes are dried out.  I do not understand why 6:00 p.m. becomes 8:00 p.m. I am tired and my throat and head hurt.  why does the daughter-in-law choose to clean her house while I am waiting for them to come over.  they are going away for Shabbat and invited me to join them.  I declined their gracious offer. I need to rest and be quiet.

I invited a few friends to come over on Thursday evening.  it is the ninth anniversary of my mother's passing.  I am still not communicating with my sister in safed.  it is pretty odd.  I have never not spoken to her before a parent's yirtseit.  oh well, it is what it is.

I sent Chanukah email cards to all of my special friends.  my favorite one is a dog singing a Chanukah song.  I am a bit annoyed that the kids aren't here yet.  while I was online they arrived.  my son was disappointed that I didn't make the regular white potato latkes.  my daughter-n-law got a stomach ache from all the fried foods.  she suffers from the pylori bug.  the kids ate very little and wanted to see the prizes.  I did get to quiz them on Chanukah.  the parents were on their cells and not really paying attention. 

I tried playing dreidel with the kids but they started fighting over chocolate coins.  by then I was too sick to deal.  I think this will be my last attempt at a Chanukah party.  my grandson was disappointed with the bey blade toy I bought for him.  I need to watch them tomorrow afternoon.  I need to, also, fry up about 50 turkey schnitzels tomorrow.  I got a great deal of help today from the other cook.  she peeled and processed the 30 potatoes using the funky food processor.  all I had to do was fry those suckers up.  I used three frying pans at once.

 I wonder if I will make it to work tomorrow.  I had to take a cab this afternoon.  I know that I'm sick but the house is freezing.  it was summerlike this morning. I left for work without a coat.  it was rather calm and then suddenly it became Antarctica like.  I am sitting in front of a heater right now.  I do not have the strength to walk the dog tonight.  every man or dog for themselves.  my friend's dog makes in the kitchen all the time.

yesterday I tore the house apart and did a serious cleaning.  I didn't spare the buckets of water.  it took me a few hours.  I even returned the empty beer bottles to the supermarket.  I set up the chanukiahs early in the day.  I did my thing and hopefully that's it.  maybe tomorrow we can get a pizza for the kids.  who knows?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I'm Still Standing

it is 8:00 a.m. in the holy city of safed.  I just got back from taking tiny, the medium sized dog, for his second walk.  the first one at 7:00 a.m. was uneventful, if you get what I mean.  I did two shifts at the yeshiva on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I survived.  yesterday, I fried up about 70 huge turkey schnitzels.  I used up three bags of breadcrumbs and then hit the precious bag of corn meal.  I should have just added a bag of flour from the start.  oh well....

the other cook, who designs the meal plans, expected the schnitzels to cover two evening meals.  however, yesterday was a chabad festive evening.  it was the commemoration of the liberation of the founder of chabad chassidus thought, the alter rebbe, from Russian jail.  every year they make quite a big megilah about this.  there is quite a lot of vodka to be had at this time.  I wonder what shape the guys will be in this morning.  in the past, the guys were quite hung-over and missed breakfast.  I hope it doesn't make them more hungry.

the manager of the yeshiva told me to serve up all of the schnitzels and come up with something else for tonight's meal.  they must have had a food orgy last night.  or perhaps, not.  these guys can really eat.  I also made a huge sweet noodle kugel and pot of rice to boot.  I was supposed to make green beans too but I gave up trying.  I was frying three schnitzels at a time in two small fry pans for about two hours.  I used the egg cartons to blot out the excess oil.  I didn't have paper towels.  the stove top got trashed.  I stayed an extra half hour to clean it.  I did manage to cut up veggies to make a crude salad.

I baked a chocolate cake the night before and froze it to keep it fresh.  for lunch I made a pot of thick split pea soup, a tray of 13 pounds of cooked potatoes, a huge bulgur salad, a tuna salad with smashed 30 hard cooked eggs, a tomato and chick pea salad and pita chips. there was hardly anything left.  these are 25 of the hungriest kids around.  I was almost ready to hand over the kugel, too, but I resisted.   I need to get the grandkids today so I will go in around noontime.  I am just going to make another two shephard's pies for dinner.  it's just another 6 kilos of potatoes to peel, cook up and mash.  I have a bit of turkey schnitzel to throw into the pie with the 5 pounds of chopped meat.  I will also make the green beans as a side dish.

I hope the cook will not be disturbed that I didn't exactly follow her meal plans.  I tried.  but I was thwarted by the manager each day. I am making Shabbat meals for the kids once again.  I guess they don't want me to be alone.  I will not do it as elaborate as last week.  I need to get to town early to buy treats and eggs and a small piece of meat to make yet another, cholent.  meanwhile, winter has hit Israel.  it's cold and rainy and dark.

Friday, December 1, 2017


it is 10:00 a.m. in the holy city of safed.  I got up at 5:30 a.m. and my cooking contest, 'my kitchen rules' was blasting away.  I had turned it on at 12:30 a.m. but I must have passed out.  these days I fall asleep pretty early.  the telllie doesn't get turned off.  I watched the show and then took 'tiny' the medium sized dog for a quick walk.  he isn't so glad to be home alone and has started chewing the mattresses again.  he destroyed my two best flannel sheets that I use on the double bed.  I woke up the other night in front of the computer.  I had actually passed out online.  it was 9:30 p.m.

last night we had a birthday party for my granddaughter downstairs.  I don't know why but I voluntarily went out and bought all of the party goods.  it cost a small fortune.  it was a princess theme.  I ran to the supermarket on Wednesday morning and did a proper food shopping. I bought tons of olive oil for lighting the chanukiah.  Chanukah is right around the corner.  I also bought 4 new laser dreidels for the kids. I bought tons of canola oil and potatoes to fry up latkes and most of the ingredients to make a cheesecake.  it has become very popular to eat dairy foods on Chanukah.

I filled up the freezer and pantry.  I bought cleaning supplies.  I paid my electric, water and real estate tax bills.  I went downstairs and cleaned the huge laundry room which doubles as a party room, the stairs, hallway and bathroom.  I spent about three hours on it.  I schlepped down both plastic tables and about 16 chairs from the upstairs courtyard.  I also washed them all with the hose.  I cut out some pix of a princess and her coach from a coloring book and scotched taped them to the cabinets.  I hung up a few birthday banners.  of course, everything was pink motif.

I took a photo magnet of my granddaughter and put it on the outside entrance door.  of course, I taped a small cut out of a crown to her head and then taped a small cut out of a 6 to the top of the crown.  I then taped a cut out of a birthday cake under her face.  I get pretty caught up on my themes.  the Sephardi grandma made a beautiful pink and white birthday cake and a vat of homemade couscous with veggie soup.  I was tired from schlepping but she did the hard work.  as usual, I played hostess and made the hot drinks for everyone. I always feel like such a phony.

the party was just for family.  the five little cousins ran around like wild Indians.  the three boys had bey blades, the latest craze in Israel.  I straightened up my house on Thursday before I went to town and work.  I came in early so that I could come home in time for the party which was called for 6:30 p.m.  I got up early and ran to the local bakery to buy jelly filled fried donuts which are popular around Chanukah time.  my friends were returning from overseas and requested them.  I had gone to their house on Wednesday before work, to bring fruit, veggies, eggs, and some dairy products.

I made a vat of macaroni and meat sauce for the 24 yeshiva guys, a monster sized squash and mushroom soufflĂ© and a huge chunky Israeli salad.  my hands are trashed form work. I have calluses, blisters and burns and one of my thumbs is infected.  I don't know how much longer I can keep  this up.  before I went to work I spent 3 hours cooking for Shabbat.  the kids asked to come again.  they were here last week, too.  I figured that I must have filled up the fridge for a reason.  I still have to make a cholent, and a few salads.  last week I had to pick up the kids in town from school.  I did the floors and ran.

last week we took the school bus home and we returned at !:00 p.m.  candle lighting was at 4:00 p.m.  I had done double shifts at the yeshiva all week  and I was wrecked.  I had no time to cook for Shabbat before Friday.  I managed to make fish, liver, chicken wings, rice, mashed potatoes, meatballs and cholent.  I only had enough time to make two salads.  I made a slaw with white cabbage, cranberries and walnuts and a green salad.  needless to say, it was a bit of a disappointment.  it was also, the kids anniversary and I couldn't find a small non dairy cake anywhere.  I bought a few cream puffs but no one liked them.  I felt like a loser.  this week I don't have to pick up the kids and I might just have enough time to make a banana loaf cake.  I have leftover birthday cake for the daytime.

I do have to wash the floors but I don't feel under any real pressure.  I am truly tired and my body aches.  I have pain in my lower back and both shoulders.  I ran to town after work yesterday, to buy snacks for Shabbat at a  certain store and a birthday present.  I spent a fortune.  I bought a mini kitchen for my granddaughter.  it came in 4 pieces.  it has tiny pieces and the microwave lights up and rings.  my grandson was quite jealous.  they love playing restaurant. they have a cart with tons of pots and pans and plastic food objects.  they keep a pad and pen and are always taking my food orders.  my house is one giant playhouse.

I found a lovely play rug outside and it lies in the living room, which has become the kid's playroom.  they kind of out grew the t.v. area.  it still is good for lego and puzzles but the main place is the living room.  it gives me great pleasure because the living room has never been used much except for sitting shiva.  I find it actually, comfortable now.  I need to get some heaters put up on the walls and it will be well for winter.

the house is freezing.  it's warmer outside in the sun.  everyone was cold last night even though I put on one heater.  I only have one outlet downstairs in the laundry room.  one day i'll take care of that, too.  I think i'll use my salary to buy more heaters next week.  thanks to a very special friend in the states who helps me out, I haven't had the bank calling me lately.  May she be very blessed!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday All Day

it is 12:00 p.m. in the holy city of safed.  I haven't posted in a long while.  I have been too tired.  I've had the grandkids with me a lot and I've been cooking supper, five times a week for 22 yeshiva students.  I haven't had the strength to do laundry, pay my bills or do any other errands.  I have been binge eating without stop.  my back hurts and I'm terribly out of shape.

my sleep has been erratic and I'm basically a wreck.  last week I had to sub two times for the other cook.  she is also breaking down physically.  I put in 61/2 hours on Wednesday and then another 7 hours on Thursday.  that's all standing on my feet.  I can't seem to cut veggies sitting down.  the conditions in  the kitchen are primitive.

the oven isn't working and we are down to three gas burners.  we use a large toaster oven to bake kugels and cakes and roast veggies and make casseroles.  it takes about 2 hours or more.  I spent an hour yesterday mincing chicken cutlets and turkey meat to make 2 shepherd's pies.  I didn't have the hand strength to fully mash a vat of cooked potatoes.  it was quite lumpy.  and the pies were too liquidy. I didn't have any more time left to bake them more.

my granddaughter was with me for about an hour and a half and I was pressured to pick up my grandson from school.  I called my son to bring my grandson to the yeshiva.  I needed more time but I was too tired to continue working.  I put the leftover salads from lunch into plastic containers and washed out the many very large plastic dirty bowls.  I scrambled to clean the stove tops and the floor.  did I mention that the sink gets clogged and I have to bale out the mirky water after every set of pots and bowls that I wash??

 I started to cut up tomatoes and cucumbers to make an Israeli salad but I gave up.  there was plenty of leftover cucumber salad, egg salad and macaroni salad.  I threw the remainder of the carrot salad into the macaroni salad.  I did manage to make a side dish of cooked zucchini with chickpeas in soy sauce.  hopefully, there was enough food for the guys.  the food processor is a 'challenge' to use.  the cover flies off and you have to insert a knife onto the starter button to make it run.  I am afraid to use it.  the other cook has the magic touch.  she makes all kinds of salads with it.  I stick to a knife and make chopped salads or cooked veggies.

I probably could have stayed another half an hour to finish the Israeli salad but I wanted to go home.  my son was giving me a lift to my house.  otherwise, I have a twenty minute walk back to the bus station and at least a half an hour wait for a bus. I also have a half an hour bus ride now since they changed the route. I obviously, opted to go home by car. I was so tired that I found myself telling my son where to let me off.  crazy??

I had the grandkids for the whole Shabbat.  I picked them up in town from school on Friday and rode the school bus home with them.  it is not for the fainthearted.  the older kids are animals.  they put their school bags on the seats so the little kids don't get to sit down.  they also scream and literally, hang from the rafters.  there is no adult on these busses.  last week I screamed at them to sit down and shut up until I lost my voice.  on friday, I turned my back to them once I made sure that most of the little first graders had seats. I ran to the supermarket early in the morning to get veggies and fruits.

I bought a ton of treats in town on Thursday. I didn't get home until after 8:00p.m.  I spent a real fortune. I felt bad for the kids being away from their parents.  they slept at the Sephardi grandparents' house on Thursday night.  their parents went to a hotel in Tiberius. I washed the floors before I went to get the kids on Friday morning.

on the ride back from school on Friday morning, we stopped for more kids at another school.  I  tried to get the kids to go to the back of the bus to clear the aisle for the other kids to get off the bus. I went to the back of the bus and started tossing school bags off of seats.  the bratty kids were pretty shocked and enraged at my behavior.  I finally got the new kids to get seated before I made my exit.

 I am currently dog sitting for another friend. this dog is old and ugly and has managed to rip out most of her hair. she scratches non stop and also poops and pees non stop throughout my house.  I am not digging this at all.  my dog also has a scratching problem.  I believe that he is allergic to fleas. 

I read that coconut oil remedies this.  I try to slather some on his body whenever I find a moment.  I haven't been entirely successful.  I really should do the other dog too but I can't stand to touch it.  my granddaughter had some kind of break out herself, on Saturday.  it first looked like a few mosquito bites.  when she woke up her face had huge red marks like hives.  it wasn't on her back or other parts of her body so I didn't think it was chicken pox or measles.  I applied coconut oil to relieve the itching.

she complained that her belly button was hurting. sure enough, she had a huge swelling there too.   I was a bit anxious because she recently had a hernia surgery.  after lunch I let the kids go visit friends.  they were at the local park binging on sweets and I thought I might get a bit of a rest. at 2:00 p.m. I became alarmed.  I found them playing in the dirt and my granddaughter looked like a demon.  she had huge patches of redness over her eye lids and under her eyes.  I assumed that it might be an allergic reaction to the coconut oil. I asked my neighbor, who is a fledgling nurse, if she thought it was an allergy.  she didn't really commit to an answer.

I managed to get the kids back to the hose and promptly showered them and put them into clean pajamas.  we played bingo for a while.  Shabbat is pretty short now.  it ends at 5:30 p.m.  I couldn't wait to call their parents and let them know that their daughter needed medical attention.  they didn't seem too concerned.  an aunt came over and took pix and sent them to the parents who were out of town.  I asked my son to come home earlier. they like to go to the movies and mauls.  we were driven to my son's apartment so the kids could go to sleep in their own beds.

I was tired because I had missed my Shabbat nap.  I forced myself not to fall asleep. there is nothing more wrong than to be found sprawled out and snoring on the couch when I'm babysitting.  the parents returned home at 1:00 a.m.  I never did fall asleep.  I could barely stand yesterday.  I would have asked the other cook to sub for me but she was just barely back on her feet after having suffered a kidney stone attack.  I came home with my son yesterday at 5:00 p.m.  I usually get home at 7:00 p.m.  I think I passed out after my cooking show at 7:00 p.m.  I do not have to watch the kids today. I am planning on going to the yeshiva around 3:00 p.m.

I am desperately trying to curb my food binging.  I do not have a real plan.  I am trying to eat one food item at a time.  I had one egg for breakfast.  I had one banana for a snack.  I had one red pepper with one large spoon of peanut butter for lunch.  I did have a nice bowl of green salad.  last night I had one chicken cutlet for supper. and I had one grapefruit for a snack.  I don't think that I can commit to a fruit fast at this moment in time.  and I don't think hat I can deal with the south beach diet anymore.