Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Sound Of Silence Is Deafening!

i'm back at the blog because mikimi and wendy, my newest and most loyal followers have given me the will to rant. it has been unusually quiet here for the past couple of days. no one called and i didn't receive any emails. i tried to call friends and no one answered. i tried to reach my niece who just returned to zefat from N.Y.C, to no avail. i went upstairs to check out the situation and it was totally quiet. both mom and baby were fast asleep. called danya and got her answering machine. called michal and there was no more room left on the nessages tape. called orly to ask how the baby was doing and there was no answer. last night the nurse thought that the baby looked jaundiced. called orly's sister-in-law to wish her mazel tov! and to ask about the new baby but no one answered there either. tried my son at work, but he was on another call. he typically returns my calls but for some reason he didn't. called my ex-healer and there was no answer at the office. tried the cell phone but no one answered. tried michal again with the same result. left message for sister in L.A. but we are 10 hours apart and it's the middle of the night there. i was beginning to feel a little paranoid. i was getting slightly anxious and a bit agitated. i was definitely starting to sweat. thank goodness, the phone rang and it was my sister, the chabadnik. she was on her way back to zefat and was coming up on the train. i was suddenly so relieved! a message from the outside world!. i quickly ran to defrost some of the banana-nut-chocolate- chip whole wheat muffins that i baked yesterday, while i was in balabusta mode. and then i remembered the white flour and white sugar coconut cake from last shabbos, sitting in the freezer. but my sister really doesn't like coconut and she does really like banana, not that she indulges much. i was really getting psyched out about running over to visit my niece and welcome my sister home, before she retired for the duration; when the phone rang again. it seems that somewhere between haifa and acco, someone was tragically run over by the train. my sister was a mess. although she didn't see the horrible event, she was really shaken up. and the thought of a few hours delay didn't help the situation, either. i called my son to tell him this horrific tale because i needed to tell someone, anyone. and then i checked my emails again and checked the blog and received two new messages and two new comments on the blog. how inspiring!. I just reached orlys' husband and heard that mom and baby came home. baby boy is just a little yellow. i still haven't heard from danya, or michal, or sister in L.A., or carol A, or soncie, efrat sarah , and alphabet follower. brother charles the PHD of the family, hasn't checked in lately, either. i hope he wasn't offended by my circus rant and reference to him as the family clown. the sound of silence is deafening!!


  1. shame you didn't think to call me (077-2121-867) and i am often up very late.
    and i love banana chch! and pb.
    save some and invite me for a shabbos.

  2. Banana-nut-chocolate-chip whole wheat muffins! That sounds delicious. Are they low-fat? Probably not, but you look so lovely and thin in your photo. Do you share your recipes?