Saturday, October 10, 2009

To Blog Or Not To Blog

the holiday of simchat torah has ended here in Israel. just got back from the town square where the men are dancing with sefer torahs and the women are also dancing to religious music. i live in zefat. my friend, michal who has computer savy and set up my blog, said that this is the politically correct way to spell the name of the town. after all, we all want to be politically correct. anyway, i need to dedicate my blog to my sister ann in L.A. she kept on hanging up on me every time i would go into one of my phone rants. when i would call her back and ask why she hung up she would say that it was a monolgue and not a conversation. hence the name, the zelda monologue. i also need to thank my good friend, shoshana from N.Y. who told me about a woman with postpartum depression who was making a mint blogging and saying the most outrageous things. i know that blogging can be therapeutic. there's a blog out there called coffee and chemo. my friend michal actually found out about a distant relative having the dreaded disease from the blog. why do i want to blog? i would love to make some parnasa and i would also like to relieve friends and family from my occasional rants. the problem here is that i recently took a homeopathic remedy to stop my ranting. that was before my decision to start a blog. and the remedy did help after i went on a 3 day non stop talk-a-thon. my good friend sarah from efrat came to visit me. actually, she came for the bris of my first grandchild. that's the first son of my only son. anyway i talked with her to about 2:00 am. the nite before i had sleepover guests, friends of my sister, who arrived at 3:30 am. and of course i talked with them to 5:00 am. and i couldn't fall asleep until around 7:00am. friday nite i spoke until 4:00 am and then all day shabbat until around 10:00pm. the more i spoke the more i couldn't stop speaking. i figured that the remedy wasn't working. and then i figured that it was working and that this was the effect of the remedy. everyone left and i collapsed. and i didn't talk again for a few days. i was really talked out. in fact, i didn't do much of anything. i lay in bed all week and ate cake. i don't remember getting dressed or leaving the house or showering either. wow, what a strong remedy! i had taken another remedy before this one because i was getting obsessive about home repairs. every time i would see a crack or smear or small hole in the wall i would run and get plaster, white paint and a bleach type cleaning agent. i couldn't relax. i told my homeopath about it and by the time i reached home i no longer stressed over holes in the wall. right now i am staring at a hole in the wall and i do not do anything about it. most of these holes are from banging nails into the walls to hang pictures. here the walls are crumbly and little chunks of wall fall off with every bang of the hammer. you get used to it. i'm not blogging just to become rich and end up on oprah. but wouldn't that be fun! i'd be on the show with the guy who made facebook. it would be a show about jews who made it big. i don't necessarily want to be famous. my friend danya, who once opened for billy joel back in the day; wants to be famous. she is very talented and writes songs and plays. the plays are comic satires and we perform them for women only. it's been a few years since we did a show. i was cast as haman's wife, zeresh and a very angry housewife in another production. i was told that i was a good actress. i was at a seudah once at a women's yeshiva in zefat and one of the students said that i didn't seem anything like i was in the play. she was very relieved that i didn't carry on and scream. so i guess i really can act. speaking of acting, i once watched the video of my wedding and i thought that it was the performance of my life. i was the ultimate gracious kallah. too bad the chatan ran away. anyway, that was quite some time ago.

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  1. Dear Zelda:
    Although I did indeed hang up on you multiple times recently and on the one hand I truly believe that was the right thing to do under the cricumstances and that this had led to this amazing blog, which is such a good thing--on the other hand, I am not sure I do not feel somewhat guilty for the act--and the fact that this information is on the internet makes me a little torn. Would a "good sister" hang up on another sister? even if this was ultimately helpful? Greater minds than I will have to ponder this.

    Sign me,
    Chana Sosha