Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is Anyone Out There?

while i have been blogging my heart out i have noticed that only mikimi is on the same page. what happened to my followers? why haven't i heard from soncie, or ann or michal, or wendy or kaz or carol A or danya my trusted stalker, or the follower with 9 years now and a lot of letters, or my brother, who told my sister that he loves the blog. why won't moshe chaim give it another try? why didn't my friend sarah from efrat read the blog yet? is the party over so soon? am i ranting to myself? "all by myself, don't want to be, all by myself, anymore!! is it that you all have lives out here? maybe some of you work? perhaps you're too busy to open your computers. but what about me?? i am supposedly, ranting for your enjoyment? well , i am, ranting for myself also. because that's what i do. but since i've been ranting on the blog i haven't had the need to call up friends and family members and rant on them. i was only kidding when i said that i wanted this to become a cult. do you really believe that i would make you drink poisoned kool-aid. wendy, you look so beautiful! that's a really great head shot! was there some kind of computer virus that took over the u.s.a that i don't know about because i haven't been watching the "fox news" lately? kaz, i am planning to feature some of my customed designed dolls in the next blog. come back, please! is anyone out there????


  1. how famous am i-my name in print-again!
    I'll be out of town tomorrow until Monday so when i get back I'll "catsup".
    you go z!

  2. I'm still here--I read your blog everyday. I've been wondering about Ann myself. I'm looking for a reply from her too!

    I'm glad you like the picture. It was already on my computer, so I added it. But I need to post one with a smile so that I don't look so sad. Ann, Carol, and Diana all look so happy in their pictures!

  3. My dollink
    Here I am at your service reading everything you ever wrote and I am convinced that you have the makings of a Dumas, Faulkner, Roth, with a tad of Saul Bellows thrown in waxing sublime.
    Now having said that I will read the rest of it.
    You definetly should start your own diet camp. I think this would bring much income.

  4. Hi there,
    I was just catching up on your rants and saw that you were expecting a response. Sorry I am PC challenged and didn't know I was supposed to comment. I guess we are related sort of as I am the wife of Matt who is the son of Charlotte who is the niece of your Dad. I think that's the way it goes. I met your sister Anne a couple of months ago at our family get together. I love her, she is such a lovely person and very funny. I hope to see her again at my daughter Michelle's house for Thanksgiving. Anyway just wanted to let you know who I am and that I love your rants. I have always wanted to see the Holy Land and maybe one day God willing I will. If I do I will stop by and say hello.
    Take care,