Sunday, October 25, 2009

Burn Out

well it's sunday morning here in the holy land. it's already 10:30 a.m. but i am still very tired. these late nite blog sessions are killing me. actually, i wasn't blogging til 3:00 a.m. this morning. i was on you-tube watching ''dancing with the stars." i watched almost all of last season 8 and then started in on season 9. i haven't yet, figured out how to download an entire show so i watch each dance ,video by video. somehow later on, i got into musical video's from "grey's anatomy" and ended up watching the last few episodes through the season's finale. that used to be my all time, favorite show and i would suffer real anxiety if i missed one. but the local cable company took it off. they are such such thieves! after they offer you a package deal with so many channels and the hottest series, they remove each show, one by one, and offer you the chance to buy the series on v.o.d. i found that i didn't miss the "sopranos" so much. well, not enough to pay the cable company a small ransom for it! but i did grieve a bit over "grey's anantomy". i woke up this morning from a really strange dream. it's been a while since i remembered having a dream. i try to jot down all my dreams as soon as i wake up and post them on the fridge. i always takes my dream notes to the homeopath to discuss them. this is a big part of the classical homeopathic diagnoses. i tend to dream in color and i can sometimes, remember an oder. this morning, i dreamt that when i went to take out the laundry from my maytag top loader, there was a huge puddle of water on the floor. and when i searched for the source of the water, i saw a tremendous amount of water coming out of the top of the machine as well. i remember, thinking in the dream, how lucky i was, that the repairman was coming that day to fix the dryer. i woke up from the dream and jumped out of bed and ran to put some clothes on because, in fact, the repairman was due to come at any moment. i let the dogs out and ran to the neighbor's to borrow a ladder for the repairman. i also need him to fix my heating unit that is situated on the ceiling and my ladder doesn't quite make it. i ran home with the ladder and realized that it was even smaller than my own. it's now 11:30 a.m. and there is no sign of the repairman. the screen door man was also supposed to come the first thing this morning too. why do they always tell you that they will come the first thing in the morning when they never show until afternoon. my eyes are burning from all the videos i watched and my head feels like total burn out!

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  1. My Dollink
    What you have just described is an anxiety dream. The human mind is very fragile and the impressions of daily life are stored in pockets of the brain. Much of the garbage in our heads must be deleted. Hence we dream to shed the anxiety. The repairman did not come because he was not needed. If you go check the washing machine you will find that it is not shedding water that it is fine.
    Dr.Diana Googlevitch P.H.D.-psychology