Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Over Eaters Unite!

they have recently started an over eaters anonymous group in zefat. i believe that it is based on the classic 12 step program. i toyed with the idea of joining. and then i worried that i may not be accepted by the others because i wasn't really morbidly overweight. i couldn't risk the chance of any more ridicule or rejection at this point in my life. losing 10 or 20 pounds is a real hassle.! Dr. Phil says that it doesn't make any difference how much you need to lose, in his "weight loss challenge" platform. i beg to differ with the good doctor. i know three people who have lost a lot of weight on the weight watchers/ buddy system. i have one friend who has taken off more than 100 pounds in a couple of years. and as i already, mentioned, my brother just lost over 50 pounds in a few months. my neighbor and ex-gym buddy just lost 40 pounds. so why do the rest of us struggle with these unsightly 10 or 20 extra pounds.? i have always thought that the weight watchers program was like another religion for its followers. so many rules and restrictions.! i actually, tried it for a couple of days but couldn't continue. let's face it.! we are setting ourselves up for failure, every time we diet. and we all know that just as soon as we reach our goal weight, we will start to overeat once again. take the letters of diet and break it down. ( d= do, i= it, e= each, t= time). so we diet, and do it each time we gain weight. my friend sarah goes to a holistic doctor who suggests eating just plain, whole grain bread every other day. that's right.! you eat only bread all day long. Dr. Oz suggests eating whole grain bread drizzled with olive oil at the start of your dinner. it curbs the appetite and aids the liver. my ex-healer said to love the chocolate thay you eat and to be happy. weight watcher's allows you to eat the chocolate by substituting something else for dinner. i gained 20 pounds while on an exercise program. i have some nice clothes waiting for me if i can only get this weight thing under control. i finally went out and bought a "prairie" skirt with an elastic waistband. but i am sick and tired of wearing it and i miss my old waistline. my niece and sister went on another version of the bread diet and both became emaciated. currently, they both look well and trim. i who, was the fit one in the family, have fallen by the wayside. i am trying very hard this week to eat cautiously. i am trying portion control and the bread smear thing and am not bringing any treats, cookies, ice cream or trail mix with dried fruit into the house. so, wish me luck! and i wish you luck. i am going upstairs soon to take care of sahar while my daughter- in- law takes her driving test for the umpteenth time. so let's wish her luck.! and let's keep in touch and share our weight loss/weight gain stories with each other and remember there is power in numbers! over eaters unite!


  1. losing weight is always a journey to feeling "deprived" vs. satiated. i refuse to ever feel deprived again and even after WLS (weight-loss surgery)i will not give up a food just because of its calories.
    it's all about choices and inner happiness.

  2. My youngest daughter told me to forget the 10 lbs, except myself at my current weight, eat what I love, and be happy! Sounds good, but I can't do it. I got on the scales today (sorry, I can't seem to stop myself)and the pounds I gained last week are gone! That motivates me. But I'm starting to get tired of grilled chicken! By the way, does the sour pickle really work?

  3. Hello! I'm your cousin Charlotte's granddaughter from Long Beach, Ca. I am enjoying your blog (or Rants!) Love it! I guess it doesn't matter what side of the Nile you're on...we all have the same problems! the last 10 or 20lbs! well mine is the 20 or 30 but still! I have shelled out the cash at gyms, and Weight Watchers, even gone to the support groups. None of that works for me; I guess I am ok with wasting money! What works for me is the obligation to people. I make "dates" with people to exercise. I joined groups that weigh in together once a week and exercise together during the week. This way I have a person standing there waiting for me and a someone other than myself waiting to see what happens on the scale. I don't want to disappoint them, and in turn I'm helping myself! It's a bit intimidating, but the only thing that motivates me to get off my big butt! So far, I lost 25lbs in the past year...it's slowly but surely coming off. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading your daily adventures... Good luck!