Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Send In The Money!

we are always looking for ways to make some money. and i just thought of an idea. do you remember the tin can tsadaka boxes from the jewish national fund that were a fixture in jewish households when we grew up? we would put some coins in it every week and when it was filled to the top, and we had accumulated enough money, we would buy a leaf and then stamp it to our tree chart. eventually, after a year or so we would fill up the chart with leaves, and get a certificate of purchase of a tree in a forest somewhere in israel. in our day, we must have bought several trees. my mother continued to buy trees after people she knew died. some people bought flowers, or sweets, but mom always bought trees. i don't remember ever getting a map or a picture from the JNF for any of the various trees that we helped grow throughout our lifetime. i have lived in israel for 25 years and still haven't come across any of our trees and do not have a clue as to how to locate them. our gardener planted a fig tree about 4 years ago on tu b'shvat and i still haven't seen it in the garden. so here is my plan. if you will send me some money, i will plant a tree in my garden for you. yes, you can help green the land by greening my palms. we like green here.! for every tree that you help plant, you will receive a photo and a monthly update. if it is for a special occasion like a birthday or bar mitzvah we will help you commemorate the moment. we can have a local bar mitzveh boy decked out in his new suit and fedora hat, pose with a shovel or hose next to the tree. for a birthday, we will bake you a large cake with your name on it and send you a photo of us celebrating in party hats and blowing out the candles right in front of the tree. for a wedding, we will video a real kallah and chatan cutting their 3-tier wedding cake in front of the tree while we yell "mazel tov"! you name the scenario and we will replicate it. on your request we will display it on our blog. so what do you think about my idea.? and what are you waiting for? send in the money!


  1. definitely a creative idea. unfortunately no money to help you.

    I am an obscenely wealthy maven from America and I have just now discovered MY Jewish rooots.....
    Enclosed please find a check for many millions of dollars for a tree for me. I remember those little boxes too.
    I would like a scene of Gan Eden with my tree next to the tree of knowledge. You know sort of a "let's start over and do it right this time."