Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome, Welcome!

i just want to write a short blog to welcome my followers. thank you all for joining my blog. i have always wanted to be followed. well not, exactly, followed as that could be very dangerous . but you know what i mean. i once wrote a gossip column back in high school but i don't think it ever took off. i have often fantasized about doing an advice column . some of my followers might agree after reading my blogs that, i, am in no position to give anyone advice! but still, i enjoy hearing from you out there in cyberspace and enjoy getting a rise out of some of you. i am beginning to get to know you too. soncie is the voice of reason. i love how passionate michal gets. carol like a surrogate grandmother, worries about the rats harming the new baby. she also wonders what ever happened to the missing dad. chana sosha says it like it is! she is so bright and articulate. she should have her own blog! wendy recently reminised about being a new parent. i just found out that we share the same last name. my sister ann, the family's geniologist, just sent some amazing pictures from the 1920's of the famous european "gleich" circus. perhaps we go back and are from circus stock. what a great opening line when we are asked who our people are! the next time i fill out an application on computer dating ; instead of checking "ashkenazi "i will simply write in "circus people". instead of saying that my zeide was a tailor, i will say that my zeide was a lion-tamer. and instead of saying that my grandmother was a balabusta, i will say that my grandmother rode bare back. my father the postal emplyee, was a trapeze artist. and my brother the psychologist, was a clown. and before i became observant i was a geek. i am so proud to have some crafters on my blog. we have the kaz, the doll maker and michal"s blessed hands aboard. i want to hear from carol A. danya writes in quite a bit. actually, she writes more than i do on my blog. i think that she has the potential to be a stalker! moshe chaim thinks that i am just ranting. but he says that sometimes i am funny. charles from philadelphia loves my rants but hasn't joined yet. mikimi is becoming a regular commentator. if enough people join i can go from monologue to cult leader. but let's not get ahead of ourselves! please keep on reading and please keep in touch. love, zelda

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  1. Thanks for the welcome. I check out your blog every morning. But I think I'm going to have to wait until the PM because of our time difference. I enjoy reading your perspectives of daily life.

    Your sister, Ann, was a great help when I was researching my Gleich relatives (from Germany). She's wonderful! The circus news sounds interesting.

    Keep ranting. I'll keep reading!