Monday, October 4, 2010

Going Down For The Count

it's 9:00 p.m. on a monday evening, in the holy city of zefat. i spent the day visiting with a potential 'client'. the lady has four little female yorkshire terriers that i may board for two weeks, while she visits the states. i can earn enough money to pay my electric bill next month.

in the meantime, my refrigerator seems to have expired. i just brought down all the food to my old fridge on the bottom floor. the dogs are inundated with fleas and ticks and the ants are back. i am at my wits end deciding if i should go for implants and dental surgery or a partial plate.

i went to the senior citizens' dementia group this morning to visit. there were only a handful of the regulars there. i felt like going back home but i stuck it out. in the end, it was good that i was there. when the rabbi came in to give his talk and play some music, there was a large crowd floating in and i was most needed to help seat everyone.

i am covered in flea bites. what is that old saying? when you lie with dogs you wake up with fleas, or something to that effect. i am getting overwhelmed. i've gained nearly 10 pounds. perhaps now that all the food is downstairs, it will curtail my binge eating.

i have one month left on my refrigerator service contract, i think. of course, i couldn't reach the service today. would you believe that they don't take calls after 4:00 p.m.? i tried reaching the internet provider, too. i requested that they send me a form to pay through my bank account, last month. they sent it to my old address and promised to send me another form before the holiday. i'm sure that my payment this month will not go through because i got a new credit card.

what else is going to go wrong?? i am beginning to get depressed. we are still having a heat wave and i am feeling uncomfortably, hot. i can't seem to generate any money from the house and finding any work isn't a reality. maybe dogsitting will pan out. who knows?

i babysat for sahar yesterday for 12 hours. i caught a ride to my exercise class at night but when i got there it was a no show. there seems to be a management problem. i don't know if they will continue to host the class in that center. i also ran into the palates instructor who was trying to get me to come back. i wish i had the will to work out.

i need to babysit again for sahar tomorrow morning. i'll have him with me for 12-13 hours. that means that i will not be able to do any laundry. he's afraid of the machine. i hope that i'll be able to reach the repairman. i won't hold my breath. they don't even have an answering machine.

is there anything else that i haven't complained about? why is life getting so hard?

oh yes, by the way, my son zvi has hemorrhoids. he came home yesterday a bit forlorn. he found blood in his stool and of course he was scared. he spent the day working on the harvest at the winery. he was so proud of himself. i totally forgot about his problem with all these nudgey problems that i've been facing. he went to the doctor and had it checked out without his mommy. he's really growing up. thank goodness it wasn't serious.

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  1. hmmm.. you haven' complained about your toileting or hair loss so you are aok!