Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make A Move

it's wednesday afternoon in the holy city of zefat. it's already 1:30 p.m. and i haven't made a move yet except for preparing food. i've had fried eggs and canned beans, walnuts and tahina, and a couple of coffees. i have been eating only foods that are on the south beach diet. my bulging stomach is slowly shrinking.

i've just had the most lovely phone conversation with my niece in dehli,india. there are over 100 israeli families there. apparently, they live on the good side of town near the american embassy. they usually have around 15 guests for shabbat meals. they are catering mostly to families. the israeli backpackers seem to go to the other chabad house on the bad side of town for meals.

my niece is planning to open a preschool in her apartment. she will be getting the help of two israeli girls soon because she is due to give birth in another few weeks. i miss her so much. it really feels good to have my feelings validated. her little 18 month old mendush is playing with his 5 year old uncle mendush. there are another 5 mendushes in that same family. chabadnikim customarily name their first son, menachem mendel.

i still have dishes to do from last shabbat and i need to wash the floors and put away my laundry. we are having a heat wave this week and i don't feel like making a move. there is nothing on the television that i haven't already seen this week. cable t.v. here leaves a lot to be desired. i also need to call the owners of the dogs that i'm suppossed to be boarding next month.

i wish that i was the roaving aunt who travels from one country to another to visit her family and check out the scenery. i have never travelled in my life. i've been to california twice, and then i came to israel. i haven't even travelled here in israel. i haven't left zefat in two years except to go to one wedding. i have a friend who is 76 and can't wait to go back to india. she went there a few years ago to help out for pesach.

last night my son zvi asked for my help in writing an ad for goat icecream in english. i wanted some so bad. i haven't been eating dairy lately, except for the many containers of icecream that i wolfed down. i've been sticking to eggs, canned tuna, and veggies. i'd actually enjoy a bit of cottage cheese right now, but i can't make a move to get dressed and go down to the grocery. i could raid the kid's fridge but zvi gets hysterical because i tend to finish all their cookies and icecream in one sitting.

i have been relieved of babysitting detail this week. gal's teenage sisters are home from school and want sahar. i keep offering my help but they want the kid there. i haven't seen him in two days. i should feel free and take the time to clean up this pig stye but as i've said already, i can't make a move.

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  1. I wish I could ease your "pain" and frustration.
    If you want to meet up in town, ring me the night before to see what I'm up to.
    Recently I was at Kadosh Cheese and now I'm into ricotta.