Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Keeping Busy

it's 5:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i've been busy today. i threw in a batch of laundry at 7:30 a.m. before sahar came down to me. at 8:00 a.m. i made him breakfast. i gave him a cheese omelette broken into little pieces and some grapes, depitted and skinned. i also gave him some frozen peas. he absolutely loves them. he also loves tomatoes and cucumbers.

he is feeding himself these days. no more mashed veggies or bottles for sahar. i placed some aluminum foil on his high chair table for kashrut reasons and he was very attracted to it. he really enjoys eating off of the shiny surface. after he finished his meal, i called the refrigerater repair service. apparently, my contract was still intact but the company has gone under. it was explained to me by a rather impatient party, that it went to court. the new company was servicing the old customers for a fee.

i absolutely refused to pay another penny. afterall, i still had a month left on my contract. i actually hung up with the woman on the line before i started to yell. i did say something to the effect, in hebrew, that this was all a lot of nonsense. i called a local yocal to come and fix it instead. it ended up costing me $110. not cheap at all. perhaps it would have been better to call in the company repairman. who knows?

i went downstairs with sahar to hang up the laundry. i dragged his bicycle down the stairs so that he could be strapped in and riding while i did the laundry. he was pretty good for a while until he got testy. he was tired so i put him into his stroller and went to the end of the street. he was fast asleep by the time we got back to the house.

while he slept, i disassembled the sukkah. i taped all of the bars together. hopefully, when zvi returns home from work, he'll schlepp it downstairs to the outside storeroom under the house. it is already beginning to get cold. it is pretty windy now.

gal came home early from work and took sahar upstairs. i hadn't bathed him yet nor changed his pajamas. he was covered in coriander from the fish and potaoes he had for lunch. i was really afraid that gal might freak out when she saw him. she bathed him while the repairman did his thing. he replaced the anti-frost mechanism in the fridge which had aparently, frozen to death. go know!

while i threw in the first batch of laundry, i discovered a very small rat dead in the trap. i disposed of it in a baggie and threw it outside in the garbage. i didn't want to take a chance that either dog could find it and bring it into the house. while sahar slept, i sprayed the dogs with a very strong flea and tick spray. when sahar woke up i took him and the two dogs into the bathroom and proceded to give the dogs a bath. i didn't want the dangerous poison to remain on their skin with a baby in the house.

i would have loved to bathe sahar right afterwards, but i was waiting for the repairman to come. instead, we hung out in the front yard until gal came home.

sahar went to his grandparents this evening while his mom went to her accounting course. i missed the pilates class by 15 minutes. and i just might miss my aroebics class tomorrow night. yes, they have settled the management strife.

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