Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chodesh Tov

tonight we begin a new jewish month. chodesh tov! it's 9:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. the kids just got back from their very busy working schedules. the baby fell asleep in my arms about an hour before they came home. he tried to nurse from me before he passed out. he bit my chest.

zavi woke me up at 4:30 a.m. this morning. he wanted his freshly laundered jeans. i actually, got up and went downstairs to retrieve it from the dryer. i did a couple of batches of laundry last night and totally forgot about them. i threw one batch in the dryer and i must have passed out soon afterwards. i left the sheets and towels in the washing machine all night long so i had to rewash everything because it smelled dank. i also left all of my wash hanging on the lines. when i went to bring it in, it was already damp from the evening mist. i finally took it back inside while sahar was napping.

while sahar slept, i also did all of his clothes by hand in a large bucket. that's the only way i can get the food stains out. gal is a bit obsessive about dirt and stains on the baby's clothing. i don't have a hot water cycle in my maytag washing machine. we had three plumbers in to fix it and yet, no one was successful. one plumber even tore up my kitchen floor and of course, he couldn't replace it with matching tiles.

i was a bit of a short order cook today for sahar. i made him a plain omelette for breakfast and threw in some peas and canned black beans on the side. he got a glass of milk with molasses afterwards. i made whole wheat pasta for lunch and added a bit of ketchup for flavor. i was all out of tomato paste. i cut up small pieces of cucumber, which he wolfed down. he had boiled potatoes and carrots for supper and two strawberry yogurts for dessert. he also had some bambas. i say 'some' because cloey the dog, ate most of them. he mostly, fed himself and threw tons of food on the floor for cloey, the dog.

i was too tired to do anything really special with him today, so we stayed holed up together in the t.v. area. he got to watch his baby shows and play with his toys, while i drank coffee and stuffed my face. i even let him rip up a few paper back novels just for fun. remember 'billy jack'? i did take himout for a short walk on his bicycle to check the mail. it was really cold in the house but way too hot to spend any time outside. he had a nice bath and cried when i took him out. i really wanted him to take a second nap but it just never happened.

i have to go to the dentist very early in the morning. i still have no idea of what i am going to do regarding tooth implants vs. prosthetic. i don't want to get my teeth pulled either. i am just going to play it by ear.


  1. take care of the kids and everyone - if you must - however, please remember you are a woman, mom, grandmom, sister and friend - but not a slave to anyone. No one should wake you in the morning unless it is an emergency. you, too, need your sleep! and washing baby clothes by hand? use Kalia/Oxygen or even dish paste to help get stains out of clothes.

  2. Oh, no--I just found ants in my kitchen again!

    I remember "Billy Jack"--the movie. It was traumatic for me! I was only about 4 years old when my parents went to see the movie and took me with them. I believe they were under the impression that I was too young to understand what was going on. That was true to a degree, but I still recall the scene where Billy Jack's girlfriend was tied down, nude, on the ground! And Billy went to get revenge for her. I didn't necessarily understand all that was happening, but I knew that was WRONG. Thankfully my Mom and Dad's parenting skills improved!