Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moving On Down

it's 3:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat. anyone wondering what i'm doing up at this unholy hour of the night?. the kids moved into the downstairs apartment this evening. i took care of sahar for a couple of hours in the early morning and then brought him over to his aunt, who lives on the next block.

i had my grandson with me all week long for about 12-14 hours each day. his parents were busy working long hours and taking evening courses. i never got out of the house except to take him for short walks in the neighborhood. i started preparing gourmet meals for him. siver dollar pancakes for breakfast, sweet potato latkes for lunch and cheese omelettes for dinner. he had milk flavored with molasses and he discovered multi grain cherios.

yesterday, he stared right at me and with his most stern voice said, "no, no"! i guess he heard me say that a few dozen times lately. he likes to disconnect the phone cord and he tries very hard to pull out the cable card. he's a handful! it's been too hot to take long walks, not that i have the pep to do so. i haven't been to exercize in 3 weeks. i did manage to lose a few pounds by staying away from simple carbs. of course,not binging helps.

i got to volunteer this morning at the seniors' day center but most of the group was missing. the rav came by to give a torah class but he couldn't play any music on the electric organ. the transformer was shot. i went running around the center to find another one but the handyman was off today and no one else knew what a transformer is.

i left the center a bit early, because i promised to pick up sahar from his aunt's at 1:00 p.m. i waited in the hot sun for a while until the bus came and then i waited outside her house until i realized that no one was home. i had high hopes of cleaning up my bedroom and doing laundry today but i suddenly felt ill. i must have been border line dehydrated. i suddenly had an intense pain in my bad eye and i felt like my head was spinning out of control.

i think that i passed out on the sofa. soon enough, there was a house full of people scurrying about carrying objects and furniture down the stairs. they had to remove my door to pass through my apartment, too. for hours, i had to listen to the commotion. i was getting quite agitated, too. i was afraid that zvi and/or his brother -in -law might hurt themselves moving the fridge down two flights of stairs.

i simply, did not understand this rush to finish moving in by shabbat. it's not like they had a specific date to vacate the upstairs apartment. that put a huge strain on me, once again, to move around the extra pictures and pieces of furniture on my floor. the house is trashed and i was just told that they will be staying in for shabbat. i really, do not feel like making shabbat dinner tomorrow. i've had a long and hard week.

zvi's brother- in- law left well after midnight and hastily, put back the door. well folks, it no longer closes. zvi tried to fix it a few times but finally gave up. i now have to find a repairman tomorrow and pay him to reattach my door. i am not a happy camper. and i am too wired to fall asleep. the kids were still mucking about downstairs until a little while ago. they have to go to work tomorrow.

there is still a lot of stuff left to be schlepped upstairs. dressers, closets, beds, mini fridge, table and chairs. i'm hoping to use the upstairs as a short term rental. i really hate all of this hoopla. i have made one move in my entire life. and that nearly did me in. there is also a bunch of old furniture outside to be carted off and trashed. don't even get me started about stuffing the huge downstairs fridge into the shed.
at least, i get to sleep in tomorrow because sahar is going to his other grandmother in the morning. i think he will need a little time to get used to the new surroundings. i've only taken him downstairs once or twice when i did the laundry. that reminds me, we still have to bring down gal's wasing machine.

i am really looking forward to my privacy once again. i am hoping that they stay downstairs and not bother me as much. spoken like a true 60 year old single lady.


  1. You never get a chance to rest! Why do you let the kids do this to you? You deserve a break and they should see that you are worn out. Stop letting them treat you like a shmatta. Do something for YOU ! Have a restful shabbat!

  2. You sound exhausted! Stop doing this to yourself!
    Dont your kids see that you are worn out? Stop making a shmatta out of yourself, and get the rest you need. Have a restful shabbat.