Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The End Of A CHag

it's 10:00 a.m. tuesday morning in the holy city of zefat. it is the last night of the holiday of sukkot. we say farewell to our sukkahs tomorrow and the holiday of simchas torah begins. we have our festive meal in the house after a week of eating outside.

for the most part, i've been in the house all week. i had guests for the first night of the holiday while the kids went out. i badly, craved some adult company for a change. i simply, could not face the 'clan's' kids yelling and fighting all night. i also, was not up for going up and down the dozens of steps, to help bring the food to the sukkah all night long.

unfortunately, the 'adult' conversation in my sukkah, was centered around our favorite shows on cable. it was not your spiritual type of evening. i tried my best to be a good hostess, never the less. it was way too hot to walk over in the daytime to the clan. this was an unprecedented sukkot heatwave. we usually wear sweaters at night, but not this year.

i spent the entire sunday in bed watching james bond movies. they were all the same and all really corny and poor. i think i lost my touch to reality, after three of them. i also spent the day binge eating, which is a pity, because i finally lost some weight. so once again, i find myself back on the south beach diet.

i rushed to town this morning to deal with my bank account. someone called yesterday to let me know that i was 800 shekels in the minus. i happen to have a 1000 shekel overdraft, so i was a little concerned that the bank had renegged. my daugter- in- law was driving to town, so i rushed out to catch a ride with her, completely, forgetting to bring a very important form with me.

the bank official told me that it was all taken care of and i left after a minute. i ended up going to the pricey local super in town even though i had intended on going to the cheaper supermarket up here. i had a 20 shekel coupon and i could have gotten a free cab ride home. i lost out on a 40 shekel saving because i was simply, off my game.

i had wanted to go to the old age center this morning at 9.00 a.m. but the kids asked me to babysit for a short while. i got totally screwed up and forgot what i needed to focus on. i finally got into the shower but it was time to go. i hate depending on anyone for a ride but i needed to save a few bucks. so in the end, i lost money on it and still have to go to town in the morning to deal with the bank once again.

i thought about going to volunteer in the morning. i already cooked a piece of meat in sweet wine and made some meatballs in a piquant tomato sauce. i made a cheesecake and baked a banana cake with white flour, for a change. i need to wash the floors again but maybe i can do it early before i go out.

i haven't figured out the menu for thursday morning yet. zvi might want to make a barbecue in the afternoon so i could make a pot of vegetarian cholent to have for kiddush. or maybe the cheesecake will suffice, who knows?. i wanted to buy a couple of steaks for zvi but they were 100 shekels and i suddenly got frugal. i did spring for a 100 shekel bottle of wine for the first holiday, so i'm really not all that cheap. i could buy some lamb riblets tomorrow, if they have any left. that just adds one more thing to buy and do tomorrow.

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