Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flea Bitten

it's 8:30 a.m. in the holy city of zefat. i've been up since 6:00 a.m. my son woke me when he came down to make a bottle for sahar. i sleep in the t.v. area next to the door. he hung out for a while and made an egg too. he's gotten used to disturbing me since he moved back in. he's a married man now but he still acts like my teenage son. the baby didn't want to drink his bottle because he was wearing a 'loaded' diaper. i quickly got up and washed my hands and changed him. i couldn't go back to sleep after that.

last night my son came down at midnight to search for ice cream because i had eaten his wife's last ice cream bar to break my fast. i was watching t.v. but i didn't like his barging in and making me feel like i ruined their lives. i am really getting tired of the lack of privacy and consideration on his part. i never enter their (my) apartment without knocking and i limit my visitations. anyhow, i stopped off at the supermarket to buy an assorted box of ice cream treats on my way back from town.

i made it to yoga and felt like a martian. it's been a while. afterwards, i got a lift to town and made it to the bank to order more checks. i then spent the rest of the morning searching for a certain type of sukklah covering(scach). i went to nearly every hardware store in town. noone had it. i guess we'll have to make due with our old covering. it's bamboo and it has seen better days. hopefully, it can make it through just one more sukkot.

before i went to yoga, i was fantasizing about evicting the kids. i was getting ready to sell the house and ship out. sometimes i feel like leaving them here and renting a small flat for myself. the only problem with this is that i have no money. and the reason that i've gone broke is because i supported them for the past two years and went through all of my inheritance.

i also fantasize about shipping the dogs out, too. i'm so tired of sweeping up all of the dog hair everyday. it's a losing battle. the stupid 'bitches' keep making in the hallway too. even when the door is open, they prefer to do their thing in the hallay. my life would be so much easier without them. i guess i have to wait it out until they pass on. sahar was having a hard time this morning eating his egg because he had a dog hair in his mouth. i couldn't see it but my son found it.

i have to get ready to see the dental surgeon in another hour. i really dread that. but at least, it's only a consultation. i am suffering with this temporary cap, too. it burns and when i bit down on it i saw stars. maybe i should just go toothless and take to begging in the street. who knows? it just might pan out $ wise.

i forgot to mention that the ants are finally gone and now the dogs are inundated with fleas. and guess who's itching and scratching her body???

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  1. U can't let the kids walk all over you! they don't really have a separate entrance and as much as you respect their privacy yet also do and buy for them sooo much, they need ground rules! Did you and they ever make/sign a contract?
    on the other-hand, you have a relationship and contact with them albeit at times too close and not clarified.
    hoping you get rid of the fleas.
    I woke up on YK to find a snake near my kitchen door-scared the crap outta me!