Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Staying In

it's 11:15 a.m.in the holy city of zefat.  the weather was nasty this morning so i decided to stay in.  i got settled back into bed and decided to watch some t.v.   i pressed the wrong button and there went my watching t.v.  my son was already on the road so he couldn't jump over to assist me.  what a boob i am.

i took it as a heavenly design for me to get off my behind and function.  i went downstairs to do some laundry.  there is a t.v. downstairs but i don't know how to work it either.  i washed a load of wet bath towels that had been on my balcony for quite some time.  they came out quite smelly.  i had to wash them again.  i had a power outage and lost all electricity for a while.  i sat outside on my porch and consumed a pint of choclate almond icecream.  i  tried to have some last night but it nauseated me.

somehow, i'm not concerned about by weight right now.  i am actually, back to my weight that i was 4 years ago, after dieting very strictly for my son's wedding.  i figure that the chemo will take care of the rest of the weight loss for me.  unless, i prove, to be the only one in history, who gains on chemo.  wouldn't that be a joke!.  i honestly don't give a hoot how i look, anymore.  sometimes i add a bit of gold under my eyes to look a bit more life like. i noticed yesterday that my face looked okay.  i suddenly wasn't so swollen  under my eyes.  the bags were beginning to look like steamer trunks.

i have so much to accomplish this week.  finishing the laundry,  putting away all the dishes and pots, doing the floors, and organizing my hospital papers, are just among some of the .herculean jobs to get done.  my mind is racing.  in my mind, i can do it all today.  it's almost like starting pesach clean up.

i did start putting away all of my clean clothes and rearranging my drawers.  i got bored.  i wanted to go out and go over to the large pharmacy and shop for things.  i realized that maybe i should buy an organic deoderant now.  that's something to do tomorrow in town.

the student of the social worker called me again this morning.  i became instantly enraged.  she wanted me to take care of having the medical carrier fax the hostel when i got my date.  she wanted me to arrange everything and left me the phone numbers.  i was told specifically, by both the family doctor and head of radiology that i didn't and shouldn't deal with the bureacracy anymore.  i told the student the same and she spoke to the social worker.

the social worker called me and once again, in her ever so soft and sweet voice, let me know that she wasn't taking care of any of this.   once again, she invited me to call her whenever i wanted.  she's lucky that  i didn't raise my voice or call her the 'b' word.  i wonder how high my usually low, blood pressure rose.   screw everyone!!!!!

the house is ice cold again and i still have lots to do.  i can't get the t.v. to work anyway, so i guess i should persevere to finish a project.  it's  back to the laundry room for me.  i must have over 30 sheets that the grandson pished through in the last few months.  i sure hope that the towels smell better. my dryer doesn't seem to help with israeli towels.  i've always hung them out in the sun.  ain't no sun right now.  we are going to be using the dryer all day long today.  the electric company is going to do well by zelda this month.  that's the story.

does my blog need a warning?  like:   'reading this blog can cause double vision, swelled heads and agita".

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