Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rum Is In The Air

it's 7:00 p.m. on wednesday evening in the holy city of zefat. i just finished eating a plate of stewed tomatoes, kidney beans and eggs. i was really craving a hot meal. i had some cottage cheese and chopped peanuts and walnuts, earlier today.

i went to the post office bright and early because they were closed yesterday. the postal clerk didn't think there was enough time to get it to dehli by purim through the regular mail. i ended up paying more for express mail than what i would have spent to buy new costumes. that's the price you pay for waiting for the last minute. i started this project weeks ago but only got my niece's address this week. i was also hoping that someone from israel might be heading to dehli soon.

i ended up sending a feather boa with the other items. it all fit into a large mailing envelope. i packed each outfit in a seperate plastic bag. i also sent a package of purim clown napkins, and some paper eye masks and crowns. i hope this will help bring simcha to the dehli chabad house. i really hope that my niece takes pix of the two kids dressed up. i didn't get the chance. i also hope that the outfit fits my nephew and isn't too small.

i spent my morning and afternoon making purim chocolates. i made clown lollies, masks, megillahs, groggers and hamentashen. i also made 4 different kinds of rum balls. i kept on licking the batter from my fingers. i nearly got intoxicated from all the sugar. i ran out of corn syrup right away. i simply, substituted honey for the remainder. i also made an apricot filling for hamentashen. hopefully, i'll make the batter tomorrow. i'm way too tired to do anything else this evening.

i'm still not certain what i will give out for the purim gift food packages. i intended on using some of the rum balls. i'm not sure that i made enough. i really dread making any more. i still have to make a poppy seed filling for the hamentashen. not tonight, believe me.

the cable guy came at 2:00 p.m. but the t.v man never showed. at one point, i ran out of ground walnuts and started using ground peanuts. i then took out my new little food processor and started grinding up walnuts. the chocolates were also a bother. i guess i was tired today. i want to make up a batch of white chocolate molds using white chocolate chips.

i am planning on making some non dairy chocolate rum icecream, too. i think the little food processor is strong enough to chop up ice for my frozen dacquaries. i'd like to make up all of the desserts a head of time because they will freeze well. perhaps, i can also cook up the turkey stew and freeze it too. if i don't have to cook for the shabbat before purim, i'll make the purim meal on friday. i usually have sahar on fridays, but i've learned how to cook around his nap times. i've ruled out making quinoi for the seudah because it was expensive. i bought brown rice instead.

i hope i'll get over to the seniors' center tomorrow. i prefer going there on thursday because it's fun when the musicians come. we shall see.

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