Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pesach Cleaning Update

it's nearly 9:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i just finished my pesach cleaning for wednesday. i got a late start. i didn't have to take care of sahar this morning. ideally, i should have gotten up at 7:00 a.m. and begun my day. i actually, got to bed last night before midnight.

i happened to pass out while watching television. i woke up at 1:00 a.m. and went back to sleep. i was glad that i had fallen asleep relatively, early for me. i wasn't feeling all that bright and chiopper this morning. i was feeling groggy and achey. i really have to stop gorging on cheap icecream.

i watched some television, gorged on more cheap icecream, and ate a sandwich. i made a phone call and lamented to my sister, how i couldn't get motivated to clean. i hated wasting a 'free' day. gal's sister is due any day now, and who knows when i'll get more free time to myself. as i watched television, i cleaned the american comforter lounge chair. i didn't really find any sizeable chometz. i usually throw buckets of bleachy water at it. not today. i simply used a damp rag.

i then went through the family photos and framed pictures and windexed them. i washed a few glass vases and chachkas. i then took out the kitchen windows, all four of them, and the screens and washed them in the bath tub. i washed down the israeli equivalent of venetian blinds. i then painted the window sills with the left over thick, white paint. i then windexed and dried the windows and put them back in.

i forced myself next, to take out the two large bedroom windows and screen, i painted the window sills and i washed the triest. i then went outside and washed down the outside of the triest with the hose. i then came back in and repainted the sills, because the hose washed away the fresh paint. i then shlepped the heavy bedroom windows into the bath tub and washed them. they were really heavy. i windexed them and had a hard time getting them back in. i was really tired.

there was a small flood in the bathroom. i had to soak up all of the water with a towel and keep on ringing it out in the toilet. i can't do another thing now. i know that the windows are probably streaked. i simply, cannot compete with the sephardi neighbors. the men usually steam clean the windows. my sills were always beige. now they are bright white. i just couldn't be bothered going to town to buy new paint. the white will have to suffice. afterall, it's the men that do the painting, anyway.

the rest of the house looks ransacked. the curtains are all strewn on the kitchen floor. i meant to throw them in the washing machine. i guess, it will have to wait until tomorrow morning. the kids should be home soon and i don't like using the machine while they're home. i also need to wash the shower curtains tomorrow. i didn't have the strength to unhook them from the shower. i must go to the senior's center in the morning. i feel guilty not going, athough i feel guilty not staying home and cleaning for pesach. there is still so much to do.

i cleaned out the meat silverware drawer but i still have all the kitchen cabinets to deal with. all you need is strength, i guess. i definately, feel my age. i remember in my 'youth' taking amphetamine to clean for pesach. oh, what i could accomplish in those days! i used to wash the wallpaper until it shined. those were the days!

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