Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Purim Is Getting Real

it's 8:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat. today is wednesday and i'm off today. i've had sahar all week. i took him with me to the homeopath on sunday because there was no one else available to watch him. i kept him in his playpen all morning, while i did a bunch of laundry. he sat very quietly listening to his brachas book. he fell asleep the minute i put him in the stroller. he slept through the bus ride and woke up the minute we entered the homeopath's office.

luckily, he didn't disturb us too greatly. i got a new remedy and i think it's working. i feel lighter and more active already. she recommended getting someone else to watch sahar so i can get out again and go back to exercise. i'm thinking about returning in the spring. it's getting closer even though it's still freezing in the house.

i walked to town yesterday with sahar. it felt good. i felt in my stride again. i went to the toy store to buy some more costumes and things for purim. i got a zorro mask, cape and hat for zvi. i got the cheap kids' kind. i wasn't going to spring for the more expensive adult version. i think it's funnier this way. i also got a black hat with fake long side locks for a friend. i bought a big knitted kipa with long side locks to send to my neice's husband in india. i bought a sequinned cap for my neice and sent a pair of long, dangling earrings to match.

i spent a long time at the second hand clothes store and finally found a chassidic robe for my friend to wear with the black hat with side locks. i love dressing people up. another friend came over on sunday night and i fixed her up with a 'classic' beauty pageant look. i even threw in a pair of long white gloves.

i'm on my way to the post office this morning to mail the purim package to india. i'm a little nervous that it may not get there in time. purim is 19 days away. it's getting real. i should start making the rum balls and hamentashen and chocolates real soon. i think that i'm getting more in focus now.

i have to be back by 11:00 this morning because the t.v repairman and cable technician are on their way. we bought two new wall screen t.v.s this week. i know it's a lot of money but we are paying it off in 10 payments, each. i will take one of the heavy t.v sets upstairs for my rental. gal's sister is taking back her t.v. that we were using for the day room for sahar.

i still haven't gone back to the dentist to have my bridge made. i'm kind of thinking about implants now. i met a friend in town and she was not so thrilled with her bridge. i'm not so thrilled about not being able to chew for a few months, either. we shall see.

i think i finally have my purim menu down. it includes: beef meatballs, turkey stew, sweet and hot chicken wings, wrapped cocktail franks, rice and lentils, pareve chili and a huge green salad. i will make salmon fillets for the veggies in the crowd. i bought a package of bareka dough so i might make the sephardi eggs in a basket to give out for the shaloch manot. all i need is energy.

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