Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting Sober

it is 11:30 p.m. on motsei shabbat in the holy city of zefat. i spent the day alone, reading psalms and the weekly newspaper. i finally washed all of the wine glasses from purim. i threw out the plastic wine and dessert glasses. it's getting awfully, close to pesach, now. i have to get moving and start my cleaning.

after an entire week of a veggie and fruit cleanse, i started binging again, on left over purim treats. it is hopeless! i spent the week with sahar, downstairs. we never left the house because the weather was rainy and cold. it's really strange that we had two warm and sunny days for purim. it usually turns really cold for purim. one year we even had snow.

i am getting sober now. i have to buckle down and put away all the purim costumes and shtick. i just need the time alone. i think i have sahar tomorrow. his parents are planning a trip to tel aviv to check out a potential business prospect. that means that i might have to take care of my adorable grandchild the entire day and night.

i have to get myself to the unenmployment office, as well as the water company and city tax office. i can't imagine shlepping there with sahar. i hate to put if off anymore. in my mind, i know exactly, what i need to do for pesach. in reality, i can't imagine accomplishing anything with the baby about.

i am really still tired from purim. i really over did it. i am not feeling up to doing physically hard cleaning jobs. my fridge and freezer, as well as my kitchen cabinets are pretty empty. it shouldn't be that hard to clean them right away. i'd like to start with the really hard job of cleaning the small kitchen. it is really a mess. this year i think that i am going to store all of the pesach goods in the main kitchen. i usually use the small kitchen pantry as my pesach kitchen.

it is still really cold in the house. it is not conducive to start using a lot of water and getting wet, yet. forget about doing the windows, now!

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  1. Please don't the heavy BLEACH. Your health is more important.