Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oy My aching Back!

it's 9:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i got up early this morning because i thought i had to take care of sahar. my back and shoulders are really strained. i ache! sahar went with his mom to the bank. i think she quit her job. i fought with the idea of staying home and continuing my pesach spring cleaning. my conscience got the better of me and i went to the senior's center.

i could barely move. i took a cab. it was a good thing that i went. they had another conference and i took over the group for two hours. we were all sitting outside in the sun. there was a heat wave today. one man, eliezer from romania, spent over an hour talking about death and burial in israel. although these elders suffer from dementia, they want to be happy. they were getting pretty tired of this depressing discussion.

i finally turned around the topic to pesach and started singing songs form the hagadda. one man, actually, got up and went back inside. he had had enough of the death talk. tatiana, the organ player, saved the day and came to play. i quickly got up and brought the electric organ from the other room. i was also successful in convincing one of the men to be showered. he had refused his daughter, earlier. i made a big spiel out of it and involved the other elders. we gave him a round of applause.

the seniors wanted me to dance for them. last week i did a mock tango and performed 'besame mucho' for them. they didn't understand that my back was sore and that it hurt to move. they wanted another performance. i got up and danced with eliezer. he actually spun me around a couple of times. i do not in general, dance with men. i really went out of my way to please this man. later in the day, when i kissed all the ladies goodbye for shabbat, he was quite upset that i didn't give him a kiss, too. if he only knew that i never even shake hands with men, he'd be shocked.

i said goodbye to everyone and went to town to look for slip covers for the couch. i ended up not buying any. i decided to stick with what i already had. sometimes i get into frugal mode. i came home from town and got into bed. i watched a little television and had the intention of doing some pesach cleaning. after a while, i couldn't get out of bed. my back was really stiff. i managed to hang up the curtains in the kitchen.

i stopped off at the local supermarket and bought a few things for shabbat. it's my turn to have the kids. i bought a loaf cake but i ended up eating it all. what's my problem? it will be a very simple shabbat. i ate a mango popsicle. i am supposed to be allergic to mango. i did feel a bit heady, afterwards. i think that i will just focus on making shabbat and getting the kitchen in order tomorrow morning.

hopefully, i'll feel better on sunday and spend the day working. i can't force myself to do when i can't anymore. i do seem to be dreaming each night. what a chiddush!

i thought that i'd be able to at least, finish the bedrooms today. well, i couldn't. the old grey mare ain't what she used to be. i took care of sahar for almost an hour tonight, while his parents went to the supermarket. hyper!!!!!! now i'm going back to bed. shabbat shalom!!

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