Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Monday

it is 4:45 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. gal came home early and just took darling sahar over to his younger grandma. gal and zvi have courses this evening until 8:00 p.m.

my back and shoulder are still aching from yesterday's preliminary pesach cleaning 'workout'. the painted wall looks fresh although, there are patches of plaster that show through. however, since i took a remedy, i don't obsess over them, anymore. there is this one little circle that i'm planning on replastering and painting this evening.

i got up early today but fell back to sleep. i have started to dream again, lately. i should be writing them down for the homeopath, but i really can't be bothered. the other day i dreamt about a very suceessful production i put on in the big theatre in zefat. if only dreams came true!

zvi woke me up from another enjoyable dream this morning to take care of sahar. i was out of the house by 9:00 a.m. and managed to sign up at unemployment, pay the water bill and add the kids names to my bill, and also pay the real estate tax bill. this involved climbing up a lot of steps with the stroller and dealing with a crabby and screaming little toddler.

as soon as i got off the bus, i bought sahar a chocolate milk, a roll and a beraka. he ate a bit of the roll and crumbled most of it at the unemployment office. they asked me if i had an e-mail address and i don't know why i answered yes. you never, ever, volunteer information here.

he then drank most of the chocolate milk at the real estate tax office. he then started making bubbles and regurgitated some of the chocolate milk out. thank goodness, i brought wipes. as usual, it took quite awhile. sahar was getting restless, being strapped into his stroller. i didn't dare unleash him in the office.

i explained to the cashier/clerk that i had already received my discount but that it wasn't calculated on the latest bill. she looked on the computer at my account and tried to explain that the discount has to be processed at the beginning of every year. once again, i explained that i had already taken care of the paper work awhile ago. apparently, another one of the clerks hadn't entered the info into the computer. so everyone got the wrong bill. are we having fun yet?

i paid the arnona and went on to the water tax office. it was packed. everyone was waiting for a particular clerk, including me. he is the only one on the ball there. i took a number and left. i walked up the block to the pet store. i wanted to check out a small dog. i came back shortly after. i let sahar out of the stroller and of course, he headed for the door and the street. i had to hold onto him very tightly. i refused to let an old lady a head of me. i couldn't contain sahar anymore. he was beginning to yell. i paid the bill and made a mad dash to the bus stop. he finally fell asleep.

it was such a warm and sunny day that i really regretted not doing pesach cleaning. instead, i did 5 batches of laundry and hung it all outside. while i was pulling out more laundry inside, sahar somehow, made it over the wall to the neighbor's yard. i didn't hear any crying or find any marks, so i figured that he knew what he was doing. a little while later, i came outside to find him sitting on a plastic chair, holding his care bear ball. don't ask how he managed that feat.

i am really aching now. i want to do more windows. i'll probably get stuck with sahar tomorrow. i can't move, right now. i think i'll take a short coffee break. i still have tons of laundry to bring inside. i bought a mild cleaning agent to add to water. i did not attempt to buy anything more caustic than that.

the non chametz dog food should be in the pet shop this week. i prefer having it sooner than later. one year, when we had a zoo here, i had to find pesach sunflower seeds for the parrot, blood worms for the goldfish, chometz free dog food, and i can't remember what we did for the hamsters. those were the days!

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