Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Night

it's nearly 10:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. is anyone still reading the blog? i should say besides, mikimi. i am thoroughly exhausted. i finished cleaning the fridge this evening. Yeh! zvi came home from work a little while ago and helped put back the cover on the freezer. i remove it every year. i usually find a crumb or two. this year i found a ton of white navy beans. go know! i was shocked to see how trashed the freezer was. i'm usually more of a balabusta.

the plumber came and supposedly, took care of the stuffed drain in the upstairs shower. he was here for about a total of two minutes. i hope he really fixed it. i don't want problems during pesach. one year we had a sewer back up in the downstairs apartment during the holiday. i cleaned raw sewage from the bathroom until the kitchen for about an hour or more.

i saw a car from the city tax office pass the house this afternoon. i ran outside to catch the guys but they were already gone. i hope that this was not the extent of their 'so called' investigation. i need a reduction on my real estate taxes and i don't think that i should be denied because i live in a big house. i called the office to see if they had been here officially, but of course, no one called me back. i should go over to the office again tomorrow, but i hate to waste precious cleaning hours sitting there.

now that the freezer is clean, i want to buy the fish, chicken and meat for the holiday. the store is also, right across the street from the yoga class. i defrosted some beef and some turkey meat so i better cook it up tomorrow. i put all of my food upstairs in the kids' fridge. i'm too tired to sort it out now.

i spilled something really sticky on the floor this afternoon and even though i did a semi mop job, our shoes are sticking to the floor. it's quite disgusting but i am way too tired to deal with it now. hopefully, i'll have more energy after my yoga class. my right knee is still hurting and it is sheer torture to climb the stairs. the laundry got finished around 2:00 a.m. last night. the kids were thrilled with the great smell. i think i might have thrown in about 4 or 5 softener sheets into the dryer. these kids sure love perfumes and strong scents.

i'm a bleach freak. i'd love to say a reformed freak but i had a major setback today. i used tons of chemicals to clean the fridge and the toaster oven. my hands are all blistered and swollen. what an accomplishment!

once i remove the toaster ovens from the counters, i will start to 'napalm' the counters. what fun! i started to shine one of my mom's candlesticks, but gave up. my hands were too sore to polish. there's always tomorrow. i want to tackle the little out-cove kitchen, where i actually, do all the baking and cooking, tomorrow. that entails cleaning the tiles, counters, stove and oven. the real deal. then i can scrub the floor and wash out all the sticky gook. that will only take me about all day to accomplish. i might just put off going to the city tax office until sunday.

the post offices, and banks and city offices are all closed on fridays. sunday is our main day to deal with all of the bureaucracy. it's a little hard to keep track of the days when you're doing marathon spring cleaning. i must remember to order a gas balloon tomorrow. and i need to give the gardener his monthly check. i guess i'll buy the veggies and dairy products next week.

i bought a mini blender by mistake. what i really meant to buy was a mini food processor. i hope it will be sharp enough to chop up the horse radish root and to chop up the nuts for the seder. we'll find out, i guess. i bought the new sink inserts but i realized that they didn't come with the sink drainers. that's another trip back to town. i better compose a giant list of what i need to do in town. the first thing that i need to do is buy pens. they have all suddenly disappeared. someone has sticky hands.


  1. as usual. you are BUSY! me - I am "lazy", and 2 teenage daughters of a friend came down today and "we" cleaned my home.
    I have been doing laundries and as I live alone with no pets or babies and only one level living (no split-level or flights) so a world of difference compared to your home. and I plan on beingaway as much as possible this year (to avoid the fact that someone in my life is incommunicado).

  2. you say you are reformed - no f---ing way!!! you are still a chemical junky and destroy your hands cleaning for Pesach.