Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bedikas Chometz Day

it's already 11:00 a.m. on a cold and rainy morning in the holy city of zefat. tonight we check our homes to make sure that we don't have any bread or chometz lying around the house. we have theoretically, checked all of our pockets and closets and bleached out our floors and counters. tonight is the big show that we have been 'rehearsing' for the past month.

my dining room chairs are still soaking wet. it is a bit unusual for it to be so cold and rainy the day before pesach. i'm happy for my lawn and garden but i don't exactly feel like doing any more sponger this morning. my pants and work jumper are still wet from last night.

i just had a very long phone conversation with my big sister in L.A. what a luxury! i'm not ready to move yet. in the past, i have pulled an all nighter beore pesach but i don't think it will come down to that. i am absolutely, not, going to do any windows today. it will be a quick mop up in each room. the bedroom porch and glass doors will get done after pesach, when it is warm and sunny once again.

my legs are really hurting this morning. i wonder why. i only, poured tons of boiling water after pouring tons of cold, soapy, water on the dining room chairs last night and then mopped it all away after each chair. i did this process eight times for about 2 hours. you could see the stream of dirty, soapy, water down the street. ah pesach!

i need to eat a good and hot breakfast this morning. i can make myself some eggs on my electric 2 burner stove. i cooked the shabbat fish on it on friday. it's still on my counter for a reason, i guess. i can even make toast. why not go for it all. tomorrow it's matzah for a week.

the sun is appearing! and there it goes. it's final, i am not doing windows. i hope that by tomorrow night the dining room chairs will be dry. we can always hope. if not, there are always, the plastic ones.


  1. just imagine leaving Mitzrayim in the middle of the night with matza and rain!

  2. We are getting a cold rain today too. My cat doesn't like it and keeps trying to get into the house.

    How is your facial paralysis doing today? Hope it is better.