Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Night

it's 9:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i haven't posted since last week. we have had an unusual heat wave and it has left us with zero energy. the sky is grey and there hasn't been much air of late. there were health warnings in the center of the country where there is a high rate of pollution. i am sorry to say that i have been lethargic all week long.

except for going to yoga, i have been totally inactive. i've slept a lot during the day, too. i started cleaning for pesach. i wiped down all of the kitchen cabinets and drawers and finally put away my pots and pans and dishes from last shabbat. i took care of sahar for about an hour this evening. he started creeping/crawling yesterday. this evening he was doing flips and turns. this is the age that they become human vacuum cleaners.

i went to yoga this morning and was loose for a change. i guess the heat does that. i came home at 11:00 a.m. and started to wash all of the chatchkas in the kitchen. i also polished all of the silver and brass judaica, too. eight hours later, i was nearly finished. this entailed my climbing up a ladder several dozen times. each time i prayed that i wouldn't fall. i am finished for tonight.

tomorrow, i will, hopefully, polish my mother's brass candlesticks. i have already washed all of the picture frames but still need to do the mirrors. i started using very caustic cleaning materials and had a minor setback with my face. so i am swearing off bleach, windex, and oven cleaner for now. i used a lot of water and dish soap today. i still have some cut-glass to wash. i used to love to show my mother how much i cleaned for pesach. she really loved to see everything shine.

i went on another food binge last night. it's a real shame because i started looking svelte again. my stomach is back to being poofy from all the sugar. i started phase 1 of the 'south beach' diet once again. all i had today was a plain yogurt, 15 almonds, 2 fried eggs, and a cup of chick peas and a can of water tuna. that will have to suffice.

zvi went back to work today. he is absolutely obsessed with finding a used car to buy. i am sorry that i can't help him. i am still waiting to know when the city jerks are coming to make their big investigation of my house. my phone doesn't ring so i check my messages a couple of times a day. i haven't used the cell phone in months. so far no messages.

am i the only one who thinks that 'american idol' sucks this year?. i am hoping to clean the refrigerator tomorrow so i can buy the meat and fish for pesach this week. it shouldn't be so hard to do because it's practically empty. and of course, i still need to clean the oven and stove and both the dairy and meat toaster ovens. are we having fun yet?

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  1. I was wondering what happened to you and if you were okay.The Municipality is really screwing people around. Not me, but when I left my Kupat Cholim today, some lady was kvetching to me her woes of being in the Municipality. I hope it gets resolved soon and for your benefit.