Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Night

it's nearly 11:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. my nieces and nephew just left with mendush. we had a very relaxed dinner together. zvi is in the process of looking for a used car. he eats, breathes, and lives used car ads. gal finally passed her driver's test last week. it was her 10th try. 5000 shekels later, she got her license. the whole thing makes me very nervous.

we went down to the cemetery this afternoon to pray at the gravesite of our friend who passed away last month. it was a very modest gathering. michal and i didn't go back with the family. i had to get home and straighten up a bit. my dirty pots and pans from purim are still soaking in the sink. and i left tonight's dishes on the counter. i am simply too tired to deal with any washing up tonight. i fell asleep last night about 4:00 a.m.

i made a very simple meal tonight. i poached some st.peters fish fillets with potatoes with a lot of cilantro and tumeric. i also made a mushroom and barley soup with carrots and potatoes. i had two bowls of soup even though i'm supposed to be on the strict part of the south beach. barley is definitely, a no - no. i think that the damage from the sugar binge is beginning to show. my nearly flat stomach is very puffy once again. why did i have to go so crazy?. my stomach was hurting all day, too. what should i expect after i did such a stupid thing.

my niece brought over a mushroom kugel and some tabouli salad that she made for me for purim. i made a huge green salad, which got devoured, pretty fast. of course, i put out some humus. i served some left over carrot cake and non dairy ice cream for dessert. my nephew loves his ice cream. i try to keep some on stock for him at all times. i was honestly, a little shocked to see him feed some ice cream to mendush. i am a strong believer of not giving sugar to tots.

i had some fish and humus, but i avoided the potatoes. i cooked up some frozen broccoli and i finished it off by myself. i did help myself to some mushroom kugel. it was very tasty.

i spent at least an hour or more washing the floors. they smelled so doggie! the white dog continues to pee all over the entrance way. my nephew, mendush, is a crawler so i needed the floors to be really clean. he was very excited by the three dogs. my niece was less excited by the dogs, and in fact, didn't want him to touch any of them. the dogs were pretty well behaved and didn't bother with mendush at all.

at one point mendush's dad was holding both little boys in his arms and mendush tried to push sahar out of the equation. sahar, innocently tried to pat mendush. it was so cute. then mimi started trying on wigs. both nieces tried on gal's very long, black wig. i believe it cost me nearly $2000. anyway, it was nice that all the youngsters were getting along. it warmed my heart.

i am hoping to get to yoga tomorrow. i asked zvi to wake me up on his way back from shul. they'll be here for shabbat so i guess i'll need to shop tomorrow. i have some left over meatballs from purim and i have some frozen chicken in the freezer. what i really need is veggies and those dreaded potatoes. michal brought over a flat of eggs from the moshav so i think i'll make a very 'eggie' cake. maybe i'll try to make a sponge cake.

i think i'll have to put off my pesach cleaning until sunday. i'm really itching to start. but i can't see it happening until after shabbat. the weather has once again, turned cold. i went down to the garden to cut some oranges and lemons for my niece and her husband and i nearly froze.


  1. ah-mushroom barley soup-heaven and warmth mixed together!
    oh why does chocolate taste so good? and why don't i fee sick from it?

  2. You look very slim in the "Go-go Zelda" photo. I don't think I'll ever achieve a perfectly flat stomach again. Even when I got down to 110 pounds, my stomach was not flat. I had very fat babies ( 8lbs. 12 oz. for the first one and 9lbs. 2 and a half oz. for the second one). Maybe I could do it if I gave up sugar, but I LOVE sweets too much to ever do that! So I have to settle for 124lbs and a poochy stomach. But you look great, Zelda.