Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Night

it's nearly 9:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. it is cold again. i ran to town this evening and finally found dog kibble that was kosher for pesach. i bought two of the 3 kilo bags to make sure we'll have enough from now and through pesach. i cabbed it to yoga this morning. it was way too chilly and windy to walk there. my cab never showed so i flagged another one down on the main street buy i still came a bit late.

i am stiff! i practically moaned after each and every move. i am going to try to go three times next week. i walked over to the pesach meat store but it was closed until sunday. i ended up going to another pesach store on the next street and i bought what i needed for pesach. i also bought another present for a neighbor. it was a pleasure to shop in an empty store. i put everything in the freezer and started to schlep the heavy toaster ovens and electric hot plates downstairs. the counters are getting cleared a little at a time. i stored some glass bowls in the dishwasher, where i usually store the alcohol. (gin, vodka, scotch, and rum.)

i had to cook the defrosted beef and turkey meat this evening even though i was not really in the mood. i made a spicy turkey stew with the remainder of a large can of tomato paste. i made a beef cholent with the remainder of my brown rice, buckwheat groats and white navy beans. i threw in a few potatoes for luck. it's pretty thick! i stewed a couple of salmon steaks and a couple of st. peter fish fillets with a bit of tomato puree and added potatoes and carrots to boot. i've already cooked up the potatoes and boiled eggs for the shabbat lunch.

i bought an assortment of pesach cookies during the week but they already seem to be dried out. i really don't feel like baking tomorrow. i want to straighten out the kitchen a bit. i think i'll hold off until sunday to do the heavy job of cleaning the alcove kitchen.

i bought a small humus and i'll make some tahina saladand use up the container. i have some cucumbers and tomatoes and some romaine lettuces. i have a couple of avocados to mash up with some boiled eggs. it should be relatively easy. i already bought the challah so hopefully, i won't have to go out.

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  1. and I haven't shopped at all for Pesach yet!