Sunday, March 21, 2010


sunday morning in the holy city of zefat. i just got back from yoga in the neighborhood. i have zero energy today. everyone is busy doing their windows and vacuuming their homes and i am typing on my blog. gal left this morning very early with the baby. she has a part time job at the childrens' gan in canaan and left sahar with her family. i didn't feel the slightest bit unhappy about that. i am totally on my own today. i cannot force myself to function so i will simply, take it easy until my energy returns.

we still have a full week to complete the pesach cleaning. my hands and fingers are so swollen that i can hardly fold them. i am completely worn out. i spent all day friday just cleaning up the kitchen and straightening up the house for shabbat. i have no more strength to continue today. that's how it goes with pesach cleaning. one day you go for 8 hours straight and the next day you can't move.

i used up almost all of my chometz so the closets are pretty empty. i just ate my last tablespoon of tahina. forget about bread, there isn't any. i ate a vat of rice, kasha and mashed potatoes during shabbat and i already gained about 3 pounds. my body just cannot deal with carbohydrates. what i really want to do is lie down on the sofa with about 2 swiss dairy chocolate bars and just pig out. pardon my non kosher language.

i ate a few of the sephardi pesach cookies on shabbat and suffered a massive headache on friday night. they are chuck full of sugar and some unknown ingredients that do not sit well with me.

zvi is still obsessed with trying to buy a used car. heaven help him! i decided that i am not going to deal with the city tax people until after pesach. i've had enough of this folly. speaking of folly, the water company jacked up all the water bills and fled to another town. you cannot see a clerk in person now. all matters can be dealt with only by phone or mail. way to go peleg!

i have decided that this, too, can wait until pesach is over. welcome to the holy city of zefat and it's inner politics. i will resist from speaking any more lashon hara about the town, now. i will simply, make myself another cup of coffee and 'chill', which isn't hard to do because the house is still freezing.

i am very excited that i found my favorite brand of instant coffee that is kosher for pesach. what a relief! i bought three. if i had seen more, i would have bought them. so all i still need, is to buy veggies, fruits and some dairy. i'll let the kids buy the snacks by themselves. i already sprung for pesach marshmallows, chocolate bars, potato chips and chocolate spread.


  1. Were you able to get to sleep early Motzei Shabbat? I finally got home about 8:45, frozen to the bone. I walked the dogs quickly and crawled into bed. Early this morning I called Peleg, but they said they would have someone call me back. Actually, someone did call back, but I was in town selling my chometz and getting a plunger for my kitchen sink. I got your sweet craving and while I was in town I bought some Sephardi Pesach cookies (some good chocolate ones!) and had a minor pig-out myself. I still kept myself from buying chocolate bars. Did the shish once more and the toaster oven - still have the big oven to do.

    Hope your headache is gone and you were able to rest today. I too am exhausted today. Feel good.

  2. I guess in some ways it's good for me my kid wants nothing to do with me,and that my apartment is small compared to yours. I wish I could be of assistance with regard to your swollen hands, but alas no advice to offer you.

  3. thanks mikimi for your good wishes. i'll be okay. i do this to myself every year. i walk around with nawled and blackened hands all of pesach and then two weeks later i'm back to my old tricks. someone sent a comment about pesach being the holiday for OCD's. i guess i'm one of them.