Sunday, May 31, 2015

Trans Communication

it is 9:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  I just heard from my sister in Zefat that her daughter and family are visiting from India.  actually, I didn't hear it straight from my sister in Zefat.  I heard it directly from my sister in Los Angelos.

I got a 'guess who is in from India? ' email this morning from my Zefat sister.  I haven't seen her since she accompanied me to my last doctor's appointment, which was five months ago.  she  just recently told me that my niece was visiting her sister in Delhi.   I  guess I assumed it was she who came home.  I made that assumption based on the fact that Zefat sister told us all that the kids in Delhi were coming at the end of June.

my Californian sister, who is the voice of reason in my family, was planning on visiting too.  she wanted to coordinate her visit with the delegation from India.  I was so looking forward to her visit.  I was planning on going shopping this week to stock up on fish and chicken.  I started looking up diabetes friendly meals, too.  I was so stoked to see everyone.

L.A. sister found out from our nephew in N.Y. that the Israeli Indian clan had arrived already.  my sister here in Zefat has still not confirmed their arrival.  she is still playing "guess who else is here from India?" games with me.  oh well.  my sister in California was a bit shocked and very disappointed because she asked our Zefat sister to keep her in the loop.  this is so indicative of our family's disconnect and failure to communicate.

I can remember hearing on the phone from my mom in N.Y.C. that my son was crying over at my sister's home in Zefat.  that was over 20 years ago but nothing has changed.  there doesn't seem to be any direct communication.  I don't track my sister's kids on face book.   I don't use face book at all.  if anyone wants to be in touch they know my email or phone number.

my brother, who lives in Philadelphia, recently married off his daughter.  I asked him for pix and he sent me the link right away.  I contacted my L.A. sister to comment on the one and only picture of her.  she was the only sibling who attended the wedding.  she had not received the link from the brother in Phili.  I had to send it to her.  there is definitely something wrong with the way our family communicates.

I don't know when i'll make it over to see my family in zefat.  they all work and I need to be home by 2:00 p.m. to pick up my grandchildren who go to gans in my neighborhood.  right now, with the 4 dogs here, my house smells like a kennel.  I don't see anyone coming over to visit us.  my own little family unit isn't too thrilled to see their Israeli cousins, either.

I just bought a gallon of bleach and am planning on cleaning the house tomorrow.  hopefully the bleach will kill the smell of doggie pee.  I think I will have to bring the puppy over to the pound.  I cannot deal with him at all.  he ate my granddaughter's brand new bikini and 2 pairs of brand new sandals.  he's eaten numerous pairs of the kids underpants and right now he is eating the stuffing out of the couch.

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