Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

i'm waiting for zvi to bring down his portable dvd player so i can comfortably, watch the meryl streep movie about julia child on my sofa bed. i could sit in the rocker and see it on my computer screen but i'd much rather watch in a horizontal position.

i have been watching little sahar who has had a rather high fever due to his teething. i took him by myself, to the doctor on sunday and gal met me at the office. i called a cab as he was really burning up. in spite of the fever, he was in one very friendly and sociable mood. he smiled and talked to the nurse and really showed off for the doctor, who called him a "macho". he now weighs nearly 20 pounds. is there any wonder why i'm always tired after caring for him all day long? anyhow, the doctor said he wasn't sick. so i bought some baby aspirin and took him home. he was so alert and responsive to everyone who said hello to him. it seems like a lot of people were trying to make contact with him, including the pharmacist.

i gave him some gerber baby fruit sauce when we got home and a bottle of formula. he ate and drank it all down and went to sleep for about 4 hours. he woke up and drank another bottle and went back to sleep until his mom came home from work. i was beginning to get a little nervous that he was sleeping so long. later that night, we all went to gal's parents' for a surprise birthday party for her mom. sahar seemed a bit cranky but sociable. he bounced a hellium balloon on his head for a while and ate a bunch of bambas.

i watched him yesterday and the poor thing hung on to me for dear life for 10 hours. i didn't even get to drink a coffee. i only put him down to go to the bathroom. he slept for the most part of the day. i also passed out with him in my arms. what a day! i still didn't do my shabbat dishes and the floors are a mess. i have about a quarter inch of dust over all of the apartment from last week's dust storm. sahar is going over to safta miriam's again tomorrow and i am going to do a 'pesach' cleaning of my house.

i went to the old age day center this morning and actually worked the entire morning like a paid worker. i gave out the appropriate activities and worked with one of the men. i gave bertha her knitting, rachel and prachia their embroidery, murry his drawings, david the sets cards, and yehuda his clock puzzle. i put on a cassette and sang along to the songs with the group. i set up the chairs for the rav's lecture and helped feed one of the men at lunch. i speared fruit onto kebab sticks. i was alone with the group for almost an hour. i was very much in charge and felt very confident. one guy did get away from me but he only went as far as the bathroom and returned right away.

i then went to the unemployment office. they set up a mock shrine on the desk of the worker who was killed in the bus accident. there were several memorial candles burning. i doubt that they would do this in new york. i then went to the second hand clothes store in the maul and bought a bunch of sleeveless tops to wear over my long sleeve tee shirts to cover my big belly. they are a bit clingy and i don't know how modest these shirts really are. i may be a lttle too old for this look.

i then went over to a friend's for coffee and the next thing i knew, it was already evening. i got home around 7:00 p.m. and made myself some eggs. i gained back nearly 8 pounds. shame on me! maybe i'll try palates tomorrow.

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  1. and I too was in town today. shame I would have been happy to join up with you.
    hope sahar is feeling better.