Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Another Erev Shabbat

it's 3:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. up until about an hour ago, i was taking care of baby sahar. his teeth have still not broken through yet. he has his miserable moments, but is mostly very active and smiley.

i was hoping to have been able to plaster the bedroom wall downstairs, but it's just too late to start the project now. i stripped the wall of the layers of moldy plaster on wednesday. i was on a roll. i made 'pesach' cleaning in the master bedroom and polished all of the furniture in the apartment. i actually painted the bedroom wall, which was damaged by the water leak. zvi rehung the antique mirror because i absolutely couldn't lift it. the house was looking and smelling fresh, once again. i even gave the dogs a flea bath so that they would also smell fresh.

yesterday, the entire apartment was covered in an infestation of tiny ants. i couldn't find the ant spray, so i threw around buckets of water. once again i cleaned the floors. this was really puzzling because there weren't any crumbs on the floor or counters. there were even ants on the dining room table. i was not in the mood at all.

i watched sahar on sunday but made it to yoga with the help of michal. gal brought him to her mother's on monday, tuesday and wednesday. i didn't complain one little bit. i got to clean up the house and rest. i made it to the senior citizens' center on tuesday and it was a good thing that i went. the regular day worker was out and i got to really help out.

i had sahar all day on thursday til about 8:00 p.m. last night, the kids wanted to go to town with sahar but he wanted no part of it. i had the pleasure of his company until about midnight. i watched him this morning til about 2:00 p.m. i hand washed a bunch of his clothes with a new and powerful detergent. i'm really trying hard to get the laundry up to par so that i can keep my maytag top loader downstairs when the kids move in. the problem is that i don't have a hot water cycle. we had 3 plumbers in and noone was successful in fixing the problem.

my air conditioning unit officially died last week. i usually only use it about 3 times all summer but i can't afford to replace it. i've had calls all week long about renting the downstairs but none actually committed to any dates. people from the center of the country want airconditioning. they don't know how cold it gets here in zefat at night. i gave everyone a low price but so far, it's a bust.

i can't decide what to do about shabbat. the kids are going over to the clan. they bring in shabbat early. i could go along for the ride but i'm feeling a little weird.
perhaps, it's the heat. i threw together a tuna steak and some boiled eggs just in case i stay home. i bought some really yummy whole wheat challah rolls. and i have tons of salad greens to play with.

my back is hurting me and i'm a bit out of it. zvi hasn't come back from work yet. perhaps, i just need a long cold shower to feel better. i'm probably a bit dehydrated. all i've drunk today, is coffee. i wish everyone a good shabbat!

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  1. enjoy every precious moment you have with sahar.