Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

in the last hour of my birthday on sunday evening in the holy city of zefat, i want to wish you all good health, peace at home, and lots of happiness from your children.

i made it to my yoga class this morning. that was my present to myself. michal watched sahar for an hour so i could go. he was a joy to be with today. he was back to his usual mischevious and smiley self. we both passed out together on the couch. i woke up abruptly to something jumping off the couch. i thought for one awful moment, that sahar had taken a plunge, head first off the couch. i held my breath and waited for the thump and the scream. it turned out that it was one of the dogs. sahar was lying on the other side of me fast asleep. what a scare!

i fell asleep about 5:00 a.m. this morning. last night the kids and michal threw me a surprise party. i was kind of expecting it but really got surprised in the end. i started singing 'happy birthday to me' on shabbat. no one joined in. i was a bit taken back by the lack of interest in me. i figured that everyone was burnt out by the heat wave and the long working week. i shabbat rosh chodesh treat. the ice cream was tastier than ben and jerry's.

i cooked up a storm on friday and caught up on tons of laundry. i worked frantically until candle lighting. the dinner was bountiful and really tasty. we had fish and salads and kugel for lunch. we feasted on watermelon, grapes, carrot cake, and ice cream for dessert. i woke up on saturday morning with an excrutiating pain in my eye. my face also started going puffy and numb. i quickly took a remedy.

after shabbat, michal surprised me with a homemade rye, lemon and butter cake in the shape of a rose. my long time friend, judy came over with a bunch of scented candles and goodies, too. i was in the middle of washing the kitchen floor because i had a hunch that someone else might be coming over. after a while, i gave up on the idea.
michal suggested that i might feel better if i get dressed. i was in a shabbas robe all weekend. i figured that people were coming over after all. after a while, i gave up on the idea of a party.

gal left to pick up her wig because she had a wedding the following evening. zvi begged me to watch sahar while he showered. i still thought that maybe there was the hope of a party, but gal returned shortly afterwards and we said goodnight. i figured that maybe we could have some of the ice cream cake that i had bought, the next day. i went downstairs feeling a bit dejected and when i reached my apartment, gal's entire family were there to greet me and wish me 'mazel tov'. gal's mother made a last minute chocolate cake that was still warm and the kids brought a huge bunch of balloons.

gal gave me a beautiful picture frame with various pix of sahar and i cried when i saw it. there was one with me holding sahar and my face didn't look twisted. it was a good thing that i had bought the ice cream cake and lots of drinks and snacks for shabbat. i also had a stash of party plates , napkins, and cups. the party ended after midnight and i couldn't fall asleep. the kids bought me a beautiful necklace and matching earrings. right now i'm off to ny sister's for a birthday dinner.


  1. sounds like everything turned out SWELL.

  2. Beauty, unaccompanied by virtue, is as a flower without perfume...................................................