Tuesday, June 1, 2010


just got back from the old age center, where i volunteer once a week. i was quite ready to blow it off this morning. my grandson got shipped off to his sephardi grandmother and it was a day off from babysitting for me. it was also an out for me to goof off all morning long. i was so tempted to stay home but i felt obligated. i didn't rush there either. i washed the kitchen and hall floors and took a shower first.

i arrived at 9:45 a.m. i mean what the heck! i'm not getting paid, right? i guess i started to feel guilty. afterall, it is an obligation that i undertook willingly. and i suppose that i should make more of an effort to get there on time. when i arrived, the Rav was giving a torah class and a mini concert on the electric organ. the room was filled with mostly elderly women, who were very interested in the class.

i have to admit that i was very moved by the music this morning and clapped my hands, very freely. this encouraged the older folk to follow suit. everyone seemed to be pleased that i was there. they really do seem to like me and look forward to my company. i guess it's like i'm a pal and confidant, rather than a worker. my mother used to want my companionship more than my nursing skills, too. i guess the elderly want to be noticed and befriended. i make a point of greeting each and everyone in the program by their name and asking them how they feel. my hebrew is not easily understood by them, but they do have patience with me.

yesterday, i spent the entire day with sahar. he is a handful! the kid wants to get into everything. he is a definate climber and a grabber. he'll grab a glass cup or a knife or anything that he can reach and get his hands on. and he's fast! zvi found a piece of plastic bag in his mouth this morning. we have him contained, for the most part, in playpens these days. this morning he gave me a 'goodbye' wave from his car seat in the back of their car. it was very similar to queen elizabeth's signature wave.

we are once again, experiencing a heat wave. it is hot! that's all everyone is saying. it makes it quite difficult to perform the easiest of tasks. i actually, passed out on the couch yesterday, with sahar in my arms. he had passed out way before me. he is teething up a storm, but yet, we see no teeth. his father got his teeth at 10 months. i remember how suddenly he had a mouth full of teeth. sahar is drooling all over the place and his and my shirts are wet.

i just got home from town and stopped into the baby store to buy a proper high chair. we have one of those plastic seats that attaches to a regular chair but sahar keeps on lifting up the food tray. from where does an 8 month old baby get an idea to do that? i found a low standing rocking highchair near the garbage, but the swing part no longer works. i finally washed it yesterday, but sahar wanted no part of it. i hope he likes this new one. it's about time that he gets the chance to play and experiment with food without destroying any of the dining room cahirs.

there is a special meal tomorrow night, being given for the new bride and groom that were married last thursday evening. i'd love to bring some chocolate lolly pops in the shape of a groom and bride but it is a bit tricky to deal with in this heat. we'll just have to see what gives tomorrow.

i started listening to music yesterday. it was the first time in years that i actually put on a tape. it was so wonderful and relaxing. i must do this more often. well that's all for now. signing off on tuesday afternoon from the holy city of zefat. cheers!

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