Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Night

it's 1:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat. today is holocaust day and all we get to see on cable t.v., which by the way, we pay for, is holocaust documentaries and movies. i am completely burnt out after watching hours of these films all day long.

i got up at 8:00 a.m. and tried my best to get ready for yoga. unfortunately, i just didn't feel up to it and missed another session. i think i had a relapse of the flu bug. the weather looked really grey and stormy, but it was actually, muggy and warm. my head hurt and my bad eye was also bothering me so i stayed in and started noshing.

i watched sahar upstairs for a few hours and continued on to another intense food binge. i guess it's time to see the homeopath again. i don't quite understand this national holocaust remembrance day. we don't exactly treat the elderly holocaust survivors all that well here and to make a special day out of it seems inappropriate to me. that's one thing my mom and i always disagreed on.

i just realized that i have a leak in my bedroom wall from the upstairs apartment. i found a stream of water on the floor a little while ago, and i couldn't for the life of me, figure out where it was coming from. i hope this is not a huge deal. i am really, not up for one. i guess i have to call the plumber in the morning and have him check it out.

zvi and gal tried very hard today to get the car insurance taken care of before they could take the car out for a spin. it needs some work done and there is a family friend, out of town, who is a reliable mechanic. according to the law here, gal cannot drive the car alone for another three months. she needs to be accompanied by a mature driver. she also has to pay an astronomical amount for the insurance until she reaches the age of 25.

they wanted to use my international credit card and give me the cash. i guess, needed to use, my card is more accurate. for some dumb reason, they couldn't pay with my checks. i had given them a $1000 loan recently, but gal couldn't access the cash because they don't do dollar transactions on sundays. i don't exactly get that either, because the cash was already in their account??? poor gal schlepped to town for nothing.

next, my credit card wasn't accepted. and their computer system was down for about four hours. i finally got through to them in the states and they confirmed that the problem was not on their end. i am always taken back by how nice they are on the phone. they always ask me how i am and wish me a great day afterwards. that's something that we don't have in isreal. i really miss customer service here.

well, apparently, my cousin's insurance company, would not accept my international credit card to pay for the car insurance. this is rather strange because i pay him for the house insurance with the same exact card. anyway, i tried my best. i babysat for the baby and i made the calls. in the end, zvi got his boss to use the company's israeli credit card so it finally got taken care of. are we having fun yet?

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  1. sorry for your complicated day. i had to go to haifa unexpectedly today. left at 8 am to get an 8:40 bus but ended up taking a taxi as only school buses passed home at 9pm.
    hang in there!