Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day Trip

it's almost 6:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. we just got back from visiting the winery where my son, zvi works. they also have a goat dairy nearby. zvi treated us to samples of delicious goat yogurts, hard and soft cheeses and frozen icecream.

we also sampled the dessert wine, which is simply lovely. i bought some fresh goat butter and a piece of hard cheese. i also sprang for a bottle of the dessert wine and two bottles of the goat yogurt. one is plain and tangy and the other one is sweetened with date honey. i'll freeze the butter and yogurt for shavuot.

we were also graciously, given a tour of the dairy and we saw over 2,000 goats. the son of the owner drove us over to the nearby moshav and they showed us how the goats were milked. i thought that there might be a "loose" goat here and there for my grandson to pet. instead, he was taken inside the corral where there were hundreds of baby goats. if only sahar could speak, i wonder what he'd say about all of this.

what can i say? i had the time of my life! i had two delicious cups of coffee and frozen yogurt and tons of hard goat cheese to eat. and i got to play with sahar for an hour on the artificial grass outside. we also got to chat with american-israeli tourists, too. poor gal, really suffered inside the goat pens. the smell of fresh manure was not to her liking. surprisingly, it didn't bother me.

i was so excited to bring sahar over to see the goats. i don't know how much he could understand. he didn't cry but he didn't laugh, either. it must have been too overwhelming for him. it sure beats a petting zoo anytime.

i went to yoga this morning. i was looking rather slim before the holiday. i gained about 6 pounds and it's all in my stomach. how annoying! i'll hopefully, get back on my diet tomorrow. my body is a bit banged up, having taken two falls during pesach. the first one was off a plastic chair which literally, melted under me. i landed on my rear, which is well padded. the second fall was a bit more traumatic. i slid on a slice of cucumber and caught the fall with my arm. never the less, i landed flat on my back. luckily, i didn't sprain my arm or hit my head on the floor.

i still haven't put away my pesach kitchen, yet. tomorrow is my targeted day. my sister and her family cleared out this morning but left all of their belongings and food stuff downstairs. they need to come back this evening to get everything. they all had a flu type of illness going on all week long. i was lucky not to have caught it. yet.

i just went upstairs with a package of pancake mix, and my specialized pancake skillet and spatulah and made a bunch of pancakes for gal. zvi really wanted fresh lambchops again, but the store was out of them. he'll just have to settle for pancakes when he comes home from shul.


  1. I was plotzing to find out how the rest of your holiday went - and now I know! I too have gained weight - I think about 3K since Purim. Sounds like a tiyul I might have enjoyed if I were with friends - but not on my own. Maybe next time I could join up with you all?

  2. It sounds like you had a lot of fun with your grandson! I'm glad you didn't get injured on your fall. I was visiting my mother recently, and one of the leg's of my pajamas got caught on one of the curly-cues of the iron bedframe in the quest room. Of course I didn't realize it, and when I tried to walk my feet were jerked out from under me! I fell right on my bottom. It took my breath away for a moment, and I couldn't move. I have almost constant pain with my sciatic nerve anyway, so this just upped my pain level. Things just seem to hurt more after age 40!!

  3. they hurt more when you are less padded. thankfully, i am well padded on the bottom and it absorbed most of the shock. sorry wendy, that your'e in pain.