Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Night

it's 10:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat and all is well. they finally switched back to the regular programming at 8:00 p.m. this evening. i did not spend any time today watching holocaust movies.

i checked the wall in my master bedroom today and it was really wet. i moved the giant antique mirror off the wall and discovered more water damage. the mirror thankfully wasn't ruined. zvi and gal made their way to hadera with sahar and gal's parents in the new car.

the good news was that a small pipe on the roof got dislodged and that was causing the leakage. luckily, the plumber didn't have to start breaking our tiles in the bathroom upstairs. at first, he was a bit stumped as to where it might be coming from. thank goodness, that we both concluded at the same time, that it probably was coming from the side of the roof enclosed behind the white door. sure enough, when i opened the door; we saw the water running out of the disconnected pipe. it took him about 1 minute to reconnect it and then he was gone, leaving, 'moi', the arduous task of mopping it all up.

this was not so simple a task, at all. the water was nearly ankle deep and there was no opening on the floor to push the water out of. i had to use a microfiber mopping rag and squeeze out all the water into a bucket. this took over an hour and a half to complete and a total of about eight buckets of water to dispose of. at one point, i was on my hands and knees in my velour house coat, ringing out water. i squatted for a bit until my back started really aching after a while.

the wall is still quite wet and still leaking onto the floor. i think it will take a couple of days for it to dry. there isn't any real damage to the wall because we caught it in time. i'll probably have to paint it once its dry again.

i have been doing laundry for the past 5 hours. i think i threw in about 6 super monster loads. i hung some of it out on my porch and i put the rest of it in the dryer. i didn't risk hanging it outside because it rained this morning. i'm pretty much caught up now. yeh!!

i had an offer of renting the downstairs for a couple of months to a single lady. here we go again! as much as i need the money, sometimes, i think that there isn't enough money in the world to deal with all the hassles. we'll just wait and see if anything comes to fruition this time.

zvi had some good news today, too. he thought that he needed a new motor hood and it turned out that he didn't in the end. we were both spared the costs of major repairs today. praise the Lord! he still had to spring a bunch of money on new brakes, but the owner had come down some on the origional price.

i started back on part one of the south beach diet today. you know the drill. no bread, no oats, no potatoes, no pasta, no sugar, no fruit, no rice, and no carrots or beets for two weeks. i really destroyed myself these past few days. i gained back about 6 pounds since pesach. what a crying shame! so today, i had some fish, and some chick peas, and some waluts, and a bunch of fennel with some tahina. i can't wait to have those frozen kidney beans that i bought last week.

i've already started thinking about shavuot and planning my menu. the kids think that i'm absolutely bonkers because shavuot is still another five weeks away. so i live for the future. sue me!


  1. I watched "Anne Frank" on the public television station Sunday night. It frightens me that mankind has such a huge capacity for evil (thankfully there is good in the world too). I've read every Holocaust memoir that my local library owns and have purchased some that they didn't have. When my daughters ask me why I read them (because they know how sad these stories make me), I tell them that I think the voices of those who suffered deserve to be heard--and I am willing to listen.

  2. Z- just take care of you too.

  3. i started reading holocaust books when i came to israel. i never understood why my mother used to watch the documentaries on public television. i can still see her sitting on her bed snd crying. i never could stand to see her torture herself. i didn't mean to make light of the holocaust. we need to remember because most of the witnesses and survivors are gone. wendy, did you read " to vanquish the dragon".