Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Night

it's almost 10:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. my nose isn't running and i have finally stopped coughing. but still, i don't feel well. i'm heady and i feel out of whack. i can feel that my breathing is a bit labored. i am not a happy camper. i guess that i may sound like a hypochondriac, but i'm really not. i'm just feeling worn out.

the news of our good friend, who we visited just a few weeks ago, isn't very good. the women called a special 'amen' evening tonight to say the various blessings on food and wine in her merit. we need a real miracle for her recovery! unfortunately, i was not able to be a part of the seudah. i have decided to stay in until the weather is warmer and definitely, drier. i am thrilled to pieces for the past three days of heavy rain but i am not stepping out into it.

i babysat for sahar while his mom went to the indoor pool this afternoon. the poor girl was going stir crazy, having been in all week. she was hesitant about going out in the pouring rain, so i gave her the cab fare. 'cabin fever' was definitely setting in and she needed to get out. i also decided to run to the store this afternoon. it was very foggy and grey but i didn't see any rain drops. i threw on my coat and tried to make a mad dash for it. but, as soon as i got off the steps, i got rained on pretty hard. i ran right back into the house and changed my socks and head scarf.

i stayed with the baby for about 4 hours. zvi came home from work early, but he's basically, useless, with the kid. i hadn't really played with sahar for the past two days, and i hardly recognized him. they really do change from day to day. he seemed so much bigger and darker. he looked like he had grown more hair, too. he was quite friendly and didn't want to sleep. he also didn't want to eat. he was very content to hold his musical star and try to shove it into his mouth. i warmed up a bottle of 'mommy' milk but he was ambivalent. he, actually, screamed like he was in pain after having a few sips. i thought for a moment, that i may have burnt him but after feeling the milk, i knew that wasn't the case.

i stayed upstairs for a while and chatted with gal's mom. afterwards, i came downstairs and made some french fries and vegetarian franks for sahar's parents. i found a portion of vegetable soup in the freezer and heated it up for me. it was really delicious. i also found, what i thought might be a portion of cooked fish, but it turned out to be spicy meatballs. no one was really in the mood for beef so the dogs got a treat. i really have to start labeling the frozen meals! i arranged some really, yummy, multi grain rye bread with avocado to have with my soup and was just about to eat it when i lost control of the plate and dropped it on the floor. the glass broke all over the avocado and i had to rush to clean it up before cloey tried to eat it.

all three dogs don't want to go out in the rain so i had a really 'pishy' hallway for the past few days. i threw bleach water on it twice, but it irritated my bad eye. so tonight, i only used the regular floor detergent. i caught the white fluffy dog chewing the mahogany wood finish off my dining room chairs this evening. how fun!

everything has been put on hold this week. i just heard that the unemployment office is still on strike. so the city water department, the national insurance company, and the bank will just have to wait until zelda is back on her feet next week.

today is my brother's hebrew birthday. he turns 60. his gentile birthday is on saturday. i tried to call him this morning but couldn't reach him. i will try once more before i go to sleep. i hope i can connect with him before saturday.

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  1. I missed you tonight but knew you weren't feeling up to par. Maybe Sahar is teething early and that's why he didn't want to eat.
    I rarely use glassware because I am such a klutz.
    Looking forward to coming for TuBShvat.
    And, feel better!