Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day

i just lost my entire blog for today. i was so cocky about making shabbat and handling everything so well that i hit the wrong button and poof, went my entry.

i went to bed last night at around 4:00 a.m. i spent hours on the phone and blog and finally called it a night. i jumped out of bed at 9:30 a.m. and said my morning blessings and had two coffees. amazingly, i didn't have a headache or muscle ache. i quickly threw in my pot of potatoes and boiled eggs for tomorrow's lunch. since i had run out of eggs and the umph to treck downstairs to the local store, i opted for making a one egg coffee cake and an eggless chocolate fudge cake. the secret ingredient here is mayonnaise.

i did the washing up from last night and put away the plates. i threw in a super batch of laundry, including the doggie sweater that michal lent us. the kids took the pooch for his haircut in town. they'll buy the challas and if not,there are always tons of frozen pitas in the freezer. sahar is fast asleep in his carriage in the kitchen. apparently, he also pulled an all nighter. he didn't even put up a fuss when i put him down. when i came upstairs to see him, he actually chose to watch me instead of his children's show. i guess nature isn't his thing yet.

i am planning on making a 'simple' shabbat meal. potted chicken and potatoes and an israeli salad. i have a little bit of the home made humus left and i guess i have some canned goods in the pantry. i will make the fish fillets that take about 10 minutes to stew. i will try to doctor last week's rice. i'll serve the left over pomeganate as a side dish. i'm not into cooking chicken with it. tomorrow morning, michal can have the left over chicken while the kids have their mashed egg and potatoes lunch. perhaps i'll throw a few veggies together with some canned beans and call it vegetarian cholent.

i need to wash the floor because it reaks of 'doggie'. no matter how many drops of aromatic oils i use, you can still smell the pooch. hopefully after his baldie and shampoo, he will be more pleasant smelling.

happy new year and good shabbas!

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