Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tu B'Shvat Menu

although it is still about 3 weeks away, i have more or less chosen my menu for a shabbat meal which will incorporate thirty types of fruits and nuts. * we're using only nuts and fruits that grow on trees.*

waldorf salad
green cabbage and pomegranates salad
cranberry and orange relish
red cabbage salad with apples and toasted pecans
chumus with pine nuts
mango salsa
marinated figs with toasted hazelnut on bed of spinach leaves
cream of chestnut soup
avocado and lemon spread
whole wheat couscous salad with macadamia nuts and cranberries
rice with almonds and raisins
fennel and pistashio salad
lettuce salad with cherries and oranges
stewed carots and dried peach,apricot,prune and persimmon tsmis
lemon garlic fish fillets
coconut chicken with lychee and cashew
coconut carob soufle
candied estrog
poached pears in red wine
assorted baked goods:
raisin oatmeal cookies
carob brownies
molasses apricot bars
blueberry muffins

if you want any of the recipes write to :


  1. i'm not sure if this can all be eaten at one meal

  2. As Tu'BShvat is on Shabbat we have the wholeSshabbat to enjoy eating different food delicacies from your loving hands.

  3. This sounds amazing. Who will help you with all the preparation?

  4. i work alone. i've never learned to share the work. i can make the chicken and soup the day before. and i will bake all the goodies in the next few weeks whenever i feel inspired. i plan to make small amounts of the salads.

  5. My sister and I have always been VERY content to allow our mother to do all the cooking for our celebrations--primarily because she's a wonderful cook and we haven't developed her touch yet. She's never seemed to mind. She's just happy that everyone enjoys the meal. But I've been trying to step up lately and help her out a little more because I can tell her energy level is not what it used to be. I just keep it simple though--like cutting up the fresh collards for her, but she is still the one who actually cooks them. Like you, she starts preparing certain menu items ahead of time to make it easier.