Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Dogs

i lounged about today because i was still feeling ill. i managed to get to the local super to buy a chicken to make soup. i think i will be alone for shabbat tomorrow. the kids are going out to gal's family for the weekend and the weather is too harsh for me to walk there and return. so by making a pot of soup for the kids, i have what to eat tomorrow night. i bought some whole wheat rolls and i'll boil some eggs and string beans for lunch.

i was watching an interesting movie and drifted off to sleep. you might say that it couldn't have been all that interesting if i fell asleep. i was awakened to the sound of someone in front of the house. my neighbor came to show me a huge puppy. i saw it earlier today and had to be very stoic and walk away. he or she is adorable and will be a really big doggie. i was tempted to put it in the machson until i find a home for it. but unfortunately, that entailed dragging out the huge crib from the machson in the rain and shlepping it into the house. i just don't have that kind of stamina right now. i tried to call a friend who was actually looking for a big puppy, but her phone was out of order.

as it is, the three little dogs have been peeing all over the house for days. and i am at the end of my rope with all the doggie bickering too. if i had a grant from the states i would definitely, open up a doggie shelter or hostel. my dream was always to convert the downstairs into a doggie motel. i have the patience but not the clientele. i can't seem to find human renters, or lodgers these days. i answer all the ads in the local zefat online newsletter, but people keep on passing on me.

i got to speak with my brother last night. he is really enjoying his recent weight loss of 60 pounds and is having a ball shopping for trendy clothes. he lost a pound for each year of his life. he sounded really lighter too. once i lose an additional 5 pounds, hopefully, i'll fit into some of my clothes again. i really don't have any desire to buy new clothes. i have always preferred to shop at second hand or thrift shops. i hate dressing rooms with those bright lights and horrible mirrors that accentuate all of one's body flaws. i have never enjoyed shopping for clothes. and for me, trying on wigs and bras is nothing less than traumatic. i do have a knowledge of the designer names and i can always find something for little money.

i would love to rent the downstairs for pesach. i should start advertising now. i assume that most people prefer hotels or yeshivas with catering. i cook very simply on pesach. i do not use spices except for salt and peppercorns. i use a lot of lemon and wine and oranges for flavor. i bought a new toaster oven so i might get to bake this year. i don't use matzah meal either. i do use potato starch and prepared ground nuts. i'm a renegade chabadnik!

i just found out that a group of women i know, are putting on a purim show. it's a very clever tape of the megillah and the women mime the story. i wasn't asked to perform in it. i guess i'm off the zefat "a" list of actors. i was asked to help with costumes. i probably have all the costumes that are needed. i have been doing this for many years. i don't know what i'll do this year for purim. and of course, right after purim comes pesach. i won't be painting this year or using too much bleach. hopefully, i won't get another case of facial paralysis this year.

tu b'shvat is finally next shabbat. i have to start organizing my seder. i'm still revising my menu and script. i hope to get caught up this shabbat with all the psalms that i didn't get to read this week. i'm really looking forward to resting all shabbat long, alone. i wish you all a good shabbat now!


  1. enjoy your Shabbat alone-and may it be rejuve-nating for you!