Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Night

just got home from the sephardi family in canaan. shabbos ended at 6:00 p.m. and it's now 9:30 p.m. don't ask me what took so long. the kids were all over the place doing all kinds of things. gal was in the kitchen scrubbing and shining all the pots and pans for a long while. the boys were hammering nails into things and attaching batteries and making electric objects. zvi was sitting on the couch in a daze. some of the girls found an electric shaver in their mother's bedroom and were doing their legs in the boys' room. miriam was on the phone and i was drinking coffee and just taking it all in. two of the sisters were fighting over the baby.

my grandson absolutely doesn't relate to me in this crowd. i don't get a minute with him being that i live with him during the week. everyone gets a turn to handle him except his father and me. his 19 year old mother is only too happy to have her family take care of him all day long. last night the sephardi grandfather gave him a lick from his ices. no matter how hard i try to explain the dangers of sugar for babies, i am ignored. i am the silent minority. i think that someone was actually thilnking about giving him a sip of cola today.

last night i stopped in to visit my niece after dinner with the clan. she sprained her ankle on thursday. my sister called to ask me to bring over my mom's cane for her. i didn't think that would help her so much. i did have a small office chair on wheels that was very handy in the past when my mom couldn't walk, so i sent it over by cab. i wanted to check in on her and bring over some chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies. my nephew was quite thrilled to see me and crawled right over to greet me. i played with him for a while and then made my way home.

i woke up very early this morning with a headache and my eye was bothering me too. it was unseasonably warm. i had a coffee and some cashews and half a pomegranate. i'm hooked on them. they are really healthy and aid in lowering cholesterol. the only problem is that the skin turns my hands black. i have to learn to use gloves. i set out for my nieces' at 9:00 a.m. i wanted to bring her baby wipes ( she was down to her last one the night before) and help her with the baby. i think i got them all up a little too early. we got the baby dressed and i took him over to my sister's on the next street. i sat in the sun with him and then called up to my sister's apartment. luckily, she heard me and came down. she was in a hurry to get to the shul for a bris. i was the one scheppling the carriage up hill and trying to keep up the pace.

we made it to the back of the shul for the bris. i didn't see or hear anything because the baby was screaming. we then went around to the ladies' section on the top. my sister took her grandson and i started to daven. i heard another woman's voice with the baby and looked up. he was having a ball with her. i managed to catch up with the prayers even though i really couldn't make out all the words from upstairs in the women's section. a little later when he started to cry, my sister told me that he needed to go home and nurse. i complied with her wishes and put him back in the carriage. as i was pushing the carriage back to my niece's, i asked myself why i was designated to leave shul and take him home. after he nursed for a while, my niece asked if i could take him back outside so that she could finish reading the book of psalms. once again i complied, and took him for a short walk until he fell asleep.

i sat outside while he snoozed and read psalms and finished my prayers. my niece came back from shul but i stayed outside until he woke up. when my sister came back from shul, the four of us women had our lunch together. as soon as i finished eating. i walked over to the in-laws for a third meal. i realized then that i hadn't drank for seven hours. i was beginning to feel faint. my sister stopped in for a moment with the baby to see my grandson and then she left. she wouldn't even stay for a coffee. i made up the excuse that the baby needed to get home and nurse right away. and i took my place at the table and ate another meal.

gal's mother gave me a huge bag of leftovers for the dogs. as i was feeding them, i started to eat most of the food, myself. it was a chicken binge! i'll weigh myself in the morning and see what the damage is. i guess i was just really tired and a bit dehydraded. i'm feeling a bit uncomfortable right now.

i hope i'll make it to yoga in the morning. gal is taking sahar for another vaccination tomorrow morning. this week ought to be quite interesting! i've been asked to babysit in the afternoon for him. it's supposed to be hot again tomorrow. i spent the entire morning on friday, washing and bleaching out the apartment. it smelled so doggie that i couldn't stand it a minute longer. the bleach was not such a good idea for my palsied face. the vet needs to deworm the new dog, give him nutritional supplements and a shot against doggie diseases tomorrow afternoon. whoopie do! and a shavuah tov!


  1. You are not anyone's shmatte and you need to find a way to speak up to different family members and say what is in your heart on feeling "left out' or "taken advantage of". You are the only YOU that will ever be.

  2. You sound like a lady with a big heart to me. Your family is blessed to have you.