Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting Things Done

a couple of ladies from the upcoming purim play, just left with a few bags of props and costumes from my private purim collection. my 'queen esther' dress is a white, one size fits all, 'moo moo peasant dress, that i bought many years ago, on the midrahov, for yom kippur. i added a good deal of lace, beading and gold trim to the dress a few years ago, for a play. it has been used many times already, in purim plays and about three times individually, by women, who wanted to dress up as queen esther for purim. apparently, it is a good luck segula, to dress up as the righteous, queen esther. i can't remember if i've ever taken the plunge and worn the dress, myself.

once on a shidduch, during a lull in the conversation, i casually mentioned, that i performed in purim plays. the man suddenly excited, asked if i was going to be queen esther. when i told him that i was playing zeresh, the wife of the wicked haman, he asked why i couldn't play queen esther. he just couldn't get his head around my not playing the queen, and needless to say, we parted ways.

i have a lovely, beige and gold caftan for the persian queen vashti, which is perfect, for a full figured, middle aged actress. i threw in my long length, 'cat woman' halloween wig with a very long tiger tail for the show. i also handed over an assortment of middle eastern head scarves that might work. i didn't make a list of the things that i lent out because i just assumed, that i'd get them all back. who knows? i'm not going to lose any sleep over it. alas, it appears, that my acting career is over. not to worry! i am planning to make a grand entrance, dressed up in my finest persian like outfit on the night of the performance. perhaps i can be the ticket lady. i am totally, into street acting and live theatre.

yesterday, i left the house at 9:00 a.m. and returned at 3:00 p.m. i caught my yoga class for an hour, and got a ride into town. i went to the bank for a letter for the national insurance office, but i was told by the bank clerk that i didn't need a letter. we shall see! i then walked over to the national insurance office and waited for a letter from them for the city real estate tax office. the bank was empty, which was pretty eerie. i ran into a grocery store to see if they had any fresh carobs and i saw some. that little voice in my head told me to buy some. i didn't heed the voice, because i figured that they'd have some at the fruit store.

i didn't wait very long, for my letter from the national insurance office. i was feeling pretty lucky! i stopped into the bakery for some mini whole wheat pitas for shabbat and made my way back to the city tax and water office. since i was already there, i decided to deal with my, out of whack, water bill. after being told by some office flunky, that the manager could not deal with me, i held my ground and entered her office. after some time, i finally understood, that i had been fined, quite dearly for water overuse. the bill itself, was only for 500 shekels. the fine, however, was for 900 shekels. apparently, i was fined for using more water than the allotment for four people. unfortunately, i had an additional five people living downstairs during the summer, but i never handed in copies of their passports, so hence the fine.

the summer tenants are long gone and that short term rental ended less than friendly. i had to accept the fine as a heavenly, intervention. perhaps, i had been less than fair with the renters and heaven was taking back it's cut. when i tried to get my real estate tax lowered, i was told by another clerk, that i needed an additional letter from the national insurance office. as it was too late to return to that office, i simply paid the water fine in 6 'not so easy' payments and proceeded on to the fruit store to finish my tu b'shvat shopping.

i got the chickens for shabbat, and everything else i need for the seder except for pomegranates. i had to go to another store to get the carobs because i hadn't listened to my inner voice in the first store. i bought a couple of adorable flannel sleepers for sahar, on my way to the fruit store. i caught a cab home and stopped off at the pharmacy to buy a cold air steamer for upstairs. the baby was hoarse and i figured that he needed some steam and eucalyptus oil. as soon as i arrived home, we had a hail storm and torrential rain fall. i was pretty wet as i gathered up all my packages and made my way into the house. it felt good to be home. i had been lucky to have escaped the rain for 6 hours. later on that evening, we had a storm that sounded like the end of the world. the dogs were lined up to go downstairs to the bomb shelter.

it is freezing today. i am so grateful to be inside. we are having heavy downpours which are so, very much, needed. my son is busy at work, translating a wine manual from english into hebrew and has called a couple of times for help. i am so proud of him!


  1. I almost bought you pomegranites today while in Teverya but as I was in the shuk and all I saw were Rabbanut papers in the stalls,I declined.
    See you for Shabbat.

  2. i'll get a pomegranate tomorrow, don't you worry!

  3. Do you enjoy the yoga class? The local hospital here offers yoga classes for a very inexpensive fee. I've been considering trying it out. A friend loaned me a yoga dvd so that I could get an idea of what it is like. I learned one thing from the dvd--I have no upper body strength!!

  4. Wendy just do regular Yoga and see what is the result!!I do it and amazing is that I feel not only health but also happy and can face any problem very smoothy.Yoga just helps to out come your inner energy.
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