Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Upstairs Downstairs

i'm sitting at the desk of my son's brand new computer and i am doing my blog upstairs in my son's humble abode. my computer downstairs has been taken out for repairs. it apparently needs a new hard disk and a new windows. we have several viruses. the repairman made a back up copy of the hard drive but i can't think of anything of great importance that might be lost. i only used the computer to receive mail and to do my blog. everything else belongs to my son zvi, and my deceased mom and my nieces, who occasionally use it. i feel a bit strange sitting here. i was supposed to help out with the baby while my daughter-in-law takes a shower. my son took one first, so i jumped to the computer. it's hard to believe that he is an adult now and capable of buying his own computer. i spent the morning with my grandson because his mom and dad went to town to do some errands. zvi stayed home from work because he was sick. and doctor nechmad confirmed that he had a throat infection and of course, gave him some antibiotics. nechmad is the hebrew word for very nice. dr. nechmad isn't. i tried to encourage zvi to take some probiotics too, but he probably won't. this young generation is hooked on drugs. my daughter-in-law has been on antibiotics about 10 times in one year. heaven help us! i should talk! i woke up yesterday with a red eye, my foot was throbbing and my stomach was distended. i do homeopathy. once every 2 months i receive a remedy. i don't know what i'm taking but as long as it's not real medicine, i'm fine with it. the baby is being fussy today and no one really has patience for him. i'm afraid the honeymoon is over. the dogs are downstairs and cloey is barking her head off. she wants to be upstairs but it's off limits to her. we have a huge heating unit upstairs and it's like a sauna here. i am spritzing! we have no heat downstairs and it's like siberia. but i prefer the cold. i am quite full from all the soup that i ate and from all the coffee that i drank this evening. i have nothing more to eat unless i take more soup. but just the thought of it makes me ill. i have some beets left over from shabbat but i'm really not supposed to have any in the phase 1. i guess i can have a tbs of humus with a kalorabi if i really get desperate. this diet sucks! but i have to lose about 20 pounds now instead of the ten. one of these days, hopefully, ill start to take long walks again.


  1. DIET is another 4-letter curse word.
    good luck on your new eating life-style.

  2. your blog file will be lost! this means all of your pictures!!! also there was some games that were there that weren't Zvi's. see if your computer guy will save them on a disc before he gets rid of your hard drive altogether.