Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Morning

went to bed after 3:00 a.m. i finished up all the laundry and hung the towels out to dry on my porch. woke up at about 10 a.m. the dogs were barking because the gardener was waiting outside. i didn't even hear his leaf blower. today was his payday. i pay him every other time that he comes. he lives on a religious moshav and harvests the grapes there for free. in all honesty, i don't think that he is a great gardener, but he is a real mentch!

i rushed to wash my hands and rinse my mouth, but we didn't have any water. my first thought was that perhaps, someone from the city came and took out my water meter, because i haven't cleared the bill yet. i ran outside to check if my worst fear was true. thank goodness, the meter was still there. it was either a problem in my neighborhood or maybe the city didn't pay their water bill again. either way, i had no water. i had one bottle of mineral water left so i used that to wash up and make a coffee.

i went upstairs to babysit for sahar. first, i called the plumber to let him know that we had no water. he was supposed to come today and clean out the furnace. he let me know that he had no intention of coming until thursday. anyhow, the couple was still coming at 11:45 a.m. to check out the downstairs apartment. i brought sahar downstairs with me and he fell asleep in his stroller. we were waiting outside in the sun for awhile but the couple didn't come. i came inside to check my messages, and lo and behold , there was a new message! they were now planning to come around 12:30 p.m. i walked over to my post office box with the baby but i didn't dare go to the supermarket because i was afraid i'd miss the couple. they finally showed up around 1:15 p.m.

sahar woke up right after they arrived and was not very comfortable. i finally got him upstairs when he actually started screaming. i fumbled to get the 'mommy milk' out of the freezer with the baby in my arms. i couldn't manage to open the plastic baggie and fill the bottle with only one arm so i had to put him on the bed. he became absolutely hysterical. by the time i had the milk ready for him he was too upset to drink it. i managed to calm him down a bit but he was not to thrilled with the bottle. he wanted the real thing. gal wants to go back to work soon. i told her that i prefered that the baby stay at home rather than go to day care. i am willing to try and watch him but i know it won't be easy. i also know that they probably won't offer to pay me anything.

i picked up the mail and found a letter that was posted a couple of weeks ago, informing me about the course for the elderly. apparently, they started last thursday and i missed 3 entire days already. i was waiting for an email all along. i never thought that they would inform me by mail. what a shame! i don't know if i can just show up next week in the middle of the course. but who knows? perhaps i'll be babysitting next week on a permanent basis.

mikimi and michal joined me for a shabbat sleepover this past weekend, and got to taste my almond ball cookies. they seemed to be a hit. i'm always a bit nervous when someone who reads my blog, comes to visit. i feel a bit pressured to measure up to the reports on my blog. and let's face it, i do love to exagerate.

i have to get to the post office now to pick up a package. my friend, madeline from london, sent me a blouse. she says that red blouses are all the rage there. you don't see too much red here. the rabbis have pretty much forbidden women to wear it. i have a funny feeling that my package may have been sent back already. that's what you get for not picking up the mail! oh mondays!


  1. i would love to hear from my australian viewer. and as well from my israeli viewers. i love to connect with all of the viewers. don't be shy!

  2. Does Gal want you to be the permanent babysitter? If you have the energy for it, I think it is a great plan. My mom was the only person I allowed to babysit my girls--I always knew they were safe with her (I admitt, I was over-the-top paranoid about their safety).

    It sounds like your diet is going well. Keep up the momentum.

  3. not all grandparent babysitting is for pay. you have to weigh the option of being with sahar or seeing him go into daycare. it ain't all about the money - but it sure helps self-esteem when you get paid.