Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Life In 2009

as the year 2009 is winding down, i feel the need to recap the crucial events of this year. i also want to participate in 'the daily blog tips newsletter' project. when i first told my sister ann, that i was interested in starting a blog, she sent me the daniel scocco newsletter. the year 2008, ended with my marrying off my only son and burying my mother, just three weeks later. my son met his present wife last april. he brought her over to the house on their second date. both my mother and i thought that she was a 'keeper'. she had a light about her. i didn't know it at the time, but just like the beatles song, she was just seventeen. i met casually with her parents in the summer and the young couple became officially, engaged in october. my son finished the army in november and they were married in december. my mom died during chanukah, three weeks after the wedding. the year 2009, began a year of jewish mourning for me. i stood up from the shiva on new year's day. after being in the house for seven days, we went down to the cemetery to unveil the memorial stone. in america, it is done after a year but in israel, we have other customs. soon afterwards, my son came over to tell me that his new wife was expecting. i broke out into loud sobs. i was so deep into my recent grief. i don't think that i could feel any joy back then. in 2009, i was alone for the first time in my adult life. my son lived about five minutes away in an apartment in the neighborhood, but i barely got to see him during the week. it was quite the adjustment, living alone in an eleven room house. for the past seven years, i had existed, exclusively, to care for my elderly parents and teenage son. in the winter of 2009, it was just me and the 'dogs'. at one point, i had three female dogs and two male puppies. i spent many a sunny day outside playing with the dogs. in 2009, i started to go through my mom's clothing and papers. it was not a simple feat. my mom had been a saver and a bit of a hoarder. i threw away all of the hospital papers because i didn't want to be reminded. i can see now, that it was a big mistake. i gave away alot of her clothes to charity. i painted several of the walls in the house. i needed everything to be fresh and bright. i wanted to get a jump on the pesach cleaning. i went back to aerobics and yoga classes. i lost six pounds. two days before pesach, i was stricken with facial paralysis and my face became twisted. in 2009, i lost my good looks. after pesach, my niece gave birth to the first great grandchild in the family. in 2009, i became a great aunt. my son lost his job and moved back into the house. in the summer pf 2009, i began computer dating and nearly lost my mind. in the summer of 2009, i realized that i was officially, 'over the hill'. in september of 2009, i became a grandmother. and in just a couple of weeks, the mourning period for my mom will end in december of 2009..


  1. i wish we lived closer to one another and could visit. enjoy that you have a son and DIL and grandson even if your life has demand on it. loneliness can kill.

  2. 2010 will be better, you'll see. Zvi is working and he will learn to take on more responsibility more and more. he'll keep on growing into that good young man you always dreamed about, your grandson will be crawling around'll start your life again.

    see you soon.